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Catamaran Lachez Prise, 41ft, 6 passengers based in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Weekly Charter Rates

$7,700 (2 passengers 7 nights)
$10,500 (6 passengers 7 nights)*
*Price range is subject to change. Please Contact Us for pricing for various party sizes, number of nights and seasons. Best price guarantee: We endeavor to offer the lowest prices available and will always match lowest rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX, no fees.


Guests Cabins Length
6 4 41ft
Guest cabin configuration:
3 Double en-suite cabins
Designer Lagoon
Built 2005
Children Allowed Yes
Children Min. Age 5 YEARS, Water savvy pref'd
Home port Red Hook, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Scuba Rendezvous only
Lachez Prise 1 Lachez Prise 2 Lachez Prise 3 Lachez Prise 4 Lachez Prise 5 Cockpit dining area The trampolines, a place to relax Pause, look around and enjoy! "Rose" guest suite "Sienna" guest suite "Azur" guest suite Guest head and shower Crew and guests at White Bay Table setting and happy snorkelers Anchored at the Baths Give the stand-up paddle board a try!

Catamaran Lachez Prise Overview

LÂCHEZ PRISE offers a truly private luxury cruise around the British Virgin Islands on this French-built, 41-foot Lagoon catamaran. We provide a unique and friendly holiday retreat with family or friends in the destination of your dreams. Just imagine feeling completely at home and free aboard your very own private luxury yacht. Renowned as one of the world's best sailing areas, the British Virgin Islands are a vacationer's dream and a diver's paradise. You'll find heaven on earth in this haven of stunning keys, uninhabited islets, volcanic islands with British flair and secluded bays filled with sparkling turquoise water. 
 You will be greeted by two hosts: my name is Jean-Marc Hébert and I am your captain. My wife, Suzanne Coté, is your host. Our combined expertise in human relations will ensure that you enjoy a memorable, worry-free vacation, tailor-made to your needs and dreams!

Ports and Available Cruising Areas

Home port: Red Hook, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Winter cruising area: Caribbean Virgin Islands
Summer cruising area: Caribbean Virgin Islands




Air Conditioning: None
Salon Stereo
Hair Dryer
Board Games
Sun Awning

Water toys

Floating Mats
Snorkel Gear
Fishing Gear
Fishing Rods: 2
Dinghy: 10 FT
Dinghy Outboard HP: 8HP
Other equipment includes:


Crew photo

Meet the Crew

Jean-Marc & Suzanne

Captain Jean-Marc Hébert and Chef/Mate Suzanne Coté

Jean-Marc was born in Quebec, Canada. Since the youngest age, water was part of his day to day living, offering him the possibilities of practicing water sports such as waterskiing, trick skiing, jumping, barefooting, wakeboarding, windsurfing and sailing.

He also enjoyed winter ski competition and trained on the Nancy Greene team (kids from 6 to 12 years old). He is a excellent teacher, patient and loves to be with child.

In 2003, Jean-Marc and is wife Suzanne started taking sailing courses and they bought their first sail boat, a Jeanneau, and sailed the East Coast of Canada and the US.

In November 2005, they decided to take a semi-sabbatical (9 months) and bought a Jeanneau 36 on Tortola, and sailed all around the Caribbean Islands. After 8 months they decided to bring the boat up to Lake Champlain, on the Quebec/New York/Vermont border. They went back to their own businesses - Suzanne in Architectural & Design and Jean-Marc to office furnishings - their goal was to come back in the BVI within the next 5 years. It took them 8 years, but they realized their project.

In 2012, they acquired a Lagoon 410 S2 and named her LÂCHEZ PRISE meaning "Let go and cool down". It became Jean-Marc and Suzanne's privilege to have guests on board and offer a personalized service doing customized sailing charters. It's their great pleasure. They regale in the energy of their guests...read more

Captain Jean-Marc has a passion of sailing, he enjoys teaching guests on board the basics of sailing. For him, it is a pleasure to transmit his knowledge and the pleasure of sailing. He is calm and gentle by nature. Be sure that you will be in good hands and secure with Jean-Marc.

Without a doubt Suzanne loves cooking, for her it is a passion. Her menu, the presentation and the set up is delightful. Always different the guests are just waiting for the next meal to be impressed. The servings are a feast for the eyes and very tasty for the mouth.

Jean-Marc and Suzanne are well-meaning, attentive to the needs and comfort of their guess aboard LÂCHEZ PRISE.


Nationality: Canadian

Languages: English, French

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Availability for Lachez Prise:

Listed below are any confirmed reservations or unavailability, as well as current holds / options. Note: this calendar is not always 100% current. Please contact us for more information about available dates aboard this yacht.

Upcoming 12 Months Reservation Calendar:

Available weekend day:
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Oct 201712345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Nov 2017123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 

Reservation Calendar with Port Locations:

Unavailable: Monday, 19 December 2016 to Thursday, 31 May 2018: Unavailable: Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI* to Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI*

Hours required between charters: 48/72 hrs

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Reviews for Lachez Prise with Jean-Marc & Suzanne:

Jean-Marc and Suzanne were incredible. They really provided us with a lovely vacation. They were attentive and followed our per-trip requests for food and interactions with them.

Lachez Prise was very nice, comfortable. The cabins were well appointed and clean. Our favorite spot was at the bow on the trampoline. We even slept there one night.

Suzanne is a great cook. She is very proud of it and she displays a different, beautiful color theme table dressing every day. She also tailored her menu to our preferences.

We enjoyed being in a new spot every night. Everywhere we stayed was more beautiful than the next. Unfortunately we did not get to sail a lot due to wind directions.

Sailing Directions was very meticulous and organized. They made our trip preparations very easy. Thank you!

Sandra B, aboard Catamaran Lachez Prise sailing the Virgin Islands

Additional reviews:

 Guests aboard LCHEZ PRISE in late March, 2016 said:
Shannon said:

First let me say that the food alone was worth the trip. Susanne is a wonderful cook and her service and presentation was delightful. The crew had all kinds music to play for us and provided towels and snorkeling equipment. The yacht was exceptionally clean and neat and the bed linens and pillows very nice. Bathrooms were small as we expected, but plenty of hot water to shower or rinse off. I was worried about the crew being French, but was I in for a surprise! Two special, fun people, who I would select to be personal friends.

I do have to admit I brought too many clothes and toiletries. Just about anything can be purchased in most ports, so if you are not absolutely sure you will wear or use something, leave it at home!! Makes your cabin roomier and less stuff to pack and unpack. I worn only my bathing suit, 2 pair a shorts and a sundress. Super laid back vibe:)

Dave and Mary said:

Good morning! We had a fabulous time on Lachez Prise!

We were welcomed aboard Lachez Prise with a hug and a kiss from Jean-Marc and Suzanne. Think about it.....this is their home. They have a set of strangers come aboard every week but we were made to feel like family! They accommodated our every wish. Our sail took us to some amazing places we hadn't seen before which was a goal of ours. Our meals were always amazing and presented beautifully. I've never felt so pampered in my life! Jean-Marc and Suzanne stated how much they loved to serve people. The greatest example of that was Saturday night. Suzanne prepared our meal but before she let us eat, she said Jean- Marc had a few words to say. That evening he renewed our marriage vows for us. We had mentioned earlier in the week about someday renewing our vows and they completely surprised us! We were suddenly on our second honeymoon. Jean-Marc even presented us with certificates of our vows. They really touched us deeply with this act. They not only speak love but show love. It was a wonderful trip and we are so glad we chose Lachez Prise.

 Guests aboard LCHEZ PRISE for New Years week, 2015/2016, said:
This being our second trip with Jean-Marc and Suzanne, once again, we were treated like royalty! These two are amazing people and truly love what they do! They are not just the captain/chef, they are truly our friends and we have so much fun with them! On a scale of 1 to 10, this experience was a 100!

Suzanne is a superior chef! Everything she makes is fantastic! You can feel the love she puts into her menu!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jean-Marc! He is such a wonderful, caring person, and so very funny!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Suzanne! This being our second cruise with these two, once again, the food was outstanding; 5-star on steroids! Suzanne is such a kind-hearted, sweet gal! Love her to the moon and back!


 Guests onboard Lachez Prise for New Years
Question Answer

Group Name: Wade Shriver (BVI Bitches)

Your Name: Kris Herdrich

Skipper: 5/5

Comments LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jean-Marc! He is such a wonderful, caring person, and so very funny!

Rest of the crew: 5/5

Comments LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Suzanne! This being our second cruise with these two, once again, the food was outstanding; 5-star on steroids! Suzanne is such a kind-hearted, sweet gal! Love her to the moon and back!

How would you qualify the yacht (comfort, features, general maintenance, etc) 5/5


How would you qualify the itinerary 5/5


How would you qualify the sports and leisure activities/equipment on board 5/5


How would you qualify the food and drinks 5/5

Comments Suzanne is a superior chef! Everything she makes is fantastic! You can feel the love she puts into her menu!

How would you qualify the service provided by the broker (Ritzy Charters) 5/5


How would you qualify the entire experience of your trip 5/5

Comments Due to the fact that one of the people on our excursion lived in Tortola for 18 months, Wade generally has a lot of input into our route. We did go to a few new places this year, and as usual, we were not disappointed! If I could, I would move to the BVI!

PLEASE ADD ANY OTHER COMMENTS TO LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN IMPROVE: This being our second trip with Jean-Marc and Suzanne, once again, we were treated like royalty! These two are amazing people and truly love what they do! They are not just the captain/chef, they are truly our friends and we have so much fun with them! On a scale of 1 to 10, this experience was a 100!

 Guests aboard Lachez Prise for Christmas
"25 knot winds, 6 to 8 foot seas and rain were predicted by the weather channel during the week of our vacation and my husband panicked about what are we going to do on a sailboat for an entire week in this weather? I called the boat rental agency for a backup plan.

Emily at VISailing picked up the phone and promised that Jean Marc, the Captain of Lachez Prise would call and we could discuss backup plans. A few hours later my phone was ringing with Jean Marc on the other side and he ensured me that he will search for especially secluded bays and wind shielded passages to make our boating experience enjoyable. A few more emails followed from Suzy, his first mate, deckhand and cook to finalize menus, drinks and programs. And just a few days before Christmas, we were on the plane to the Virgin Islands.

While our contract stated that we would have to board the boat on the Island of Tortolla, Jean Marc took the extra effort to pick us up in St Thomas to save the hassle of us using the ferry between the two islands. Suzy met us at the Red Hook Marina and few minutes later we whisked onto the boat, Lachez Prise. While not brand new, Lachez Prise was extremely clean and well kept. Sleeping compartments are spacious for a 41 foot catamaran, and the saloon and outside areas are large and have amazing views of the bahamas. The boat has an excellent ride and we made it to our first anchorage in the 6 feet seas without anyone getting seasick.

Our first surprise came after we settled down at our first anchorage. Suzi provided a Michelin star level lunch for us. We were all surprised how she could make a lunch this delicious in the galley of a boat. After the afternoon rest and dinghy excursion to the St John island our second surprise came when Suzy was waiting for us again with a 3 Michelin star dinner, and had even selected wines for each course! While it was not expected, our sailing vacation turned into a gourmet cruise. Excellent breakfasts, lunches, and outstanding dinners were prepared for us through the entire trip. Beside the outstanding meal service the boat was always pristine, Jean Marc and Suzy were always extremely friendly and well prepared to entertain us with a wide selection of drinks and music. Their local knowledge helped us to visit beautiful beaches, good bars, and excellent spots on the islands.

While the Christmas Trade Winds did not give up blowing during the entire week Suzi and Jean Marc turned this week for one of the best vacations and certainly the best time we ever spent on water. To provide some weight to this statement, I should note that we have owned boats for 15 years and spend most of our leisure time on the water.


Happy New Year: Marta

 Guests aboard LCHEZ PRISE in April, 2015
Dear Suzanne & Jean-Marc:

I received the attached Charter Evaluation last night from Bob Childers. What can I say? You obviously went above-and-beyond to make sure they were seeing and enjoying the best the islands have to offer. I can only imagine how difficult it is to prepare a gluten-free menu for a week. Thank you. They loved your food!

I am also happy to learn that you became friends. Thank you for all your hard work and seamless service, morning, noon and night.

Thank you again for everything you did to make my clients want to return. I look forward to the day well meet and I hope to have many more charters for you.

Fair Winds!


* How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?

The vacation was a dream come true, it turned out that something I have wanted to do for over 20 years was worth waiting for.

* How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable?

The two of them were very attentive and personable; we became best friends over night and plan to stay in touch. They have an open invitation to come to visit us any time. Its hard to explain how courteous and helpful they were. Everything was as if you were the most important people in the world, and so much fun to be around.

* Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations? Did your crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets?

The meals were right on with the preference sheet, and the meals were outstanding, sort of like being at a 6 star restaurant. Everything was to perfection from the time you get up in the morning with your coffee just like you want it to the last goodnight from all.

* How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade?

Everything was clean as a whistle, very comfortable cabin and beds were great.

* What did you like most about the yacht? What did you like the least?

Everything was new and exciting for us, there wasnt any least, (except they couldnt make time stand still!)

* How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?

Excellent, almost made every stop they talked about but we stayed a few places longer and delayed getting somewhere else (our choice) They were there to please all of the time. Incredible warm friends forever.

* Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain:

Most definitely, we will plan another trip and drag along another couple to experience the most incredible journey with us. We will know more about what to expect and what we want to do more of the next time

* Additional Comments:

Thank you and the Crew of Lachez Prise for the trip of a life time and the beginning of new friendships and future astonishing vacations.

Bob Childers

 Guests aboard LCHEZ PRISE in mid March, 2015
Jean Marc and Suzanne gave us the most incredible experience of a lifetime! Jean Marc has an abundant amount of knowledge, wisdom and love for his boat, the sea and land. Suzanne has an endless desire to please and pamper your every need while sailing on Lchez-Prise. Your journey will be unforgetable, and Jean Marc and Suzanne will remain a permanent place in your heart after you leave them!


Megg and Bruno

We have enjoyed many expensive vacations, but none of them can compare to our week with Jean-Marc and Suzanne aboard LACHEZ PRISE!

This was our first visit to the British Virgin Islands. Jean-Marc was eager to share his knowledge and show us the natural beauty of the islands. We snorkeled and dove in pristine anchorages and were treated to some very special events including New Years Eve day at the Soggy Dollar, New Years Eve at Foxys and the Full Moon Party.

Jean-Marc kept us laughing the whole trip and taught us how to raise and lower the sails, drive and moor LACHEZ PRISE. It was fun seeing the excitement of our family as they participated in captaining LACHEZ PRISE.

Suzanne is the sweetest, most caring person and her cooking was better than any 5-star restaurant. Her attention to detail was phenomenal whether it was the table setting or the beautiful plating of our meals. The variety in the meals we had was simply amazing.

By the end of the charter, we had developed a bond with Jean-Marc, Suzanne and LACHEZ PRISE which made it extremely hard to say goodbye.

I am following LACHEZ PRISE on Facebook. I have already shared photos of you two on my Facebook page because I want everyone to know about you very special people! I have told EVERYONE at work what a fabulous chef you are, all the things we saw, the things we got to do and the wonderful memories we created with you both!

Missing you so much!


 Miller Guests on lachez Prise
Me and mark misses you guys.I hope one of these days we can come back and have you guys be our tour guide again.we really enjoyed you guys.and i really loved the food that you made for us..you guys were great.and tell sean mark that I often think of you guys when I look at the moon I think of the moon we seen when we were with you guys back in december of 2014.the moon was smiling at us.that was the coolest thing I saw.and I will always remember he said gary the moon is smiling at you everything will be ok..thanks again you guys it was a wonderful trip.we love you....

 Marvelous Honeymoon!!
Dear Jean Marc & Suzanne,

Thank you very much for seven magnificent days and nights. You made us feel it was our home! We hope that other young couples will have the same chance as us; to have such a marvelous charter experience aboard Lachez Prise.

We sincerely hope to stay in touch and once again, a million thanks to you both. Big Hug!

- Poli and Jaunchi

Yacht Lachez Prise review image
Yacht Lachez Prise review image
Yacht Lachez Prise review image
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