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Customer testimonials, Caribbean yacht charter reviews

Below is a sample of the crewed charter yacht reviews that Sailing Directions receives from customers on a regular basis:

Catamaran Miss Kirsty

Our group of 8 had a wonderful time! Gareth showed us his sailing expertise, which everyone loved! The food, honestly was out of this world delish! We snorkeled, dove, shopped, hiked, paddle boarded, ate and drank our way through the BVI! Both Kristine and Gareth were always up for anything and always smiling! We kept referring to the BVI as a Disneyland for adults! The Xenia 74 is the most beautiful, well-kept catamaran!

The food was seriously amazing!! I can’t have gluten and one other guest couldn’t have sulfites and Kristine did a great job accommodating everyone.

Gretchen G, aboard Catamaran Xenia 74, February 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a wonderful trip. Joseph and Britta were awesome. They far exceeded our expectations. We could not ask for a better crew. The yacht was also great. Every detail was covered. Our favorite part of the yacht was the crew. Don’t get me wrong the yacht was great, but Britta and Joseph added such a personal touch for the whole event.

The food was spectacular. We ate every meal on board. We could not bring ourselves to eat anywhere except on board the Dianna Rose. We have been to the Virgin Islands several times and for the first time we actually had a culinary experience. The venues and voyage itself was also superior.

The crew was very accommodating with our desires. The whole experience was a 10 out 10. We would certainly recommend you, Sailing Directions, and the crew of the Dianna Rose. We will certainly utilize you in the future and recommend your organization.

Thanks so much for your assistance and making this trip a great success.

Shannon B, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, February 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

Matt, Hillary & Richard exceeded our expectations and we couldn't have asked for a better crew.

Everything was lovely aboard the yacht and the water pressure in the showers was especially impressive compared to other boats we have been on.

The food was delicious. We asked the chef to make his favorite dishes and he did. The food was wonderful!

Will definitely contact Sailing Directions when we are ready to do another sailing trip and we have already recommended you to our friends.

Machie M, aboard Catamaran Lady Katlo, February 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

The service quality was excellent and the food even better! The boat was very clean and in great repair.

John, you were extremely helpful and prompt. I could not have ask for better service. I would use Sailing Directions again without hesitation!

Brian R, aboard Catamaran Lolalita, February 2017 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Ben is a great captain and dive master. Took us to best sites possible and was very informative about each dive and location we visited. Elizabeth was superb in spoiling us with her cuisine and overall attentive service throughout the trip.

We had a very nice and relaxing time island hopping in the BVIs. Good times, super relaxing, and great cuisine while island hopping in paradise. What more could we ask for?

Kelly H, aboard Catamaran Sea Anemone, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

Jacek and Maya were wonderful. They worked so hard to keep us entertained, comfortable, explaining any aspect of the boat and the surrounding areas. They were knowledgeable of the islands, their history, fun facts, wild life and of course of sailing.

I never expected them to help with our kids, 7 and 9. They were like Auntie and Uncle by the end of our trip. They both interacted with my kids like they were family. They introduced us to playing Farkel, a dice game. We played almost every night and had a blast.

Every destination, Jacek made sure we were comfortable ashore. If it was an area that he felt there was a tour involved, he would accompany us to show us around while Maya stayed onboard cleaning and getting our next meal prepared. Every time we came back onboard the boat was spotless! We shared stories and really got to know each other. I can't image having a different crew with us for a week. We really enjoyed Maya and Jacek's company!

Maya really got a good feel for how my kids ate and what we liked. Every day it was something new at every meal. Every meal was very delicious, healthy and plenty for us. She went out of her way to have a variety and accommodate my daughter's gluten free diet.

Karen T, aboard Catamaran Loveboat, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

Trip was great. Had a wonderful time.
Crew was delightful. Very friendly and accommodating. Easy to live with.
Boat was well maintained and quite spacious which was the best part.
Isabella did a great job with food selections and preparation.

Rick C, aboard Catamaran Something Wonderful, January 2017 sailing the British Virgin Islands

We were absolutely blown away! The food and service were absolutely amazing! I have never had better food. I don't think there is a restaurant in Boston that can match Joseph's menu! The boat was impeccably clean. Britta was also an amazing host. We wanted for nothing! We will be back next year!

Deirdre G, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

We had the most AMAZING experience!

One expects their crew to be competent and knowledgeable but William and Kim were leagues above our expectations. Beyond their exceptional professionalism, we found them to be friendly, engaging, intelligent and versed in dozens of topics and interests. They stunned our family with their talents and we found them to be highly inspirational and encouraging for us to further develop some new-found interests we discovered while onboard.

William and Kim lovingly maintain and care for the yacht. It is tastefully appointed. We loved the trampoline area with the beanbags and seating where we could enjoy the wind, water and sailing!

Kim's culinary abilities rival that of any fine restaurant chef. There was not one thing that wasn't to our liking and I think she had the keen ability to quickly dial-in to our preferences and tastes and matched them flawlessly. She graciously shared tips and recipes as well. The food was simply spectacular.

Our itinerary was flexible based on our interests and conditions. We actually liked that each day was a little bit of a surprise with new adventures. We were extremely pleased that William was willing to change up our schedule a bit to accommodate an extra unplanned day of kiteboarding.

We would have never found this charter without the aid of your website. William and Kim speak highly of your company and the service you provide- we couldn't agree more. We liked the uniformity in presenting the charter options so that we could evenly and consistently compare options. We will definitely highly recommend your website to our friends and family.

Kim R, aboard Catamaran Invictus, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

Jeff & Caitlin were fantastic. Caitlin guided us on several snorkels. Great food. As good as the boat was, the crew was the boat’s best feature.

One person in our group can't have cheese so each meal they created special variation for her. Even baked cake the last morning so we could have "cake by the sea".

Really can't think of a single thing I would change with Sailing Directions’ service.

Don D, aboard Catamaran Happy Time, January 2017 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Our vacation was amazing. Jim and Amanda were so much fun. There aren't many people that can keep up with our family's sense of humor -but Jim - well he sure did! He felt like part of our family.

Amanda did an amazing job with the vast requests of foods-thanks! Catamaran vacations are definitely our family's favorite - I can't say enough about the experiences we had with Jim and Amanda!

Lisa M, aboard Catamaran Copper Penny, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

We loved Ben and Rachel and felt that we hit the jackpot with them. What a great fit for our family. We had an amazing experience and they were a big part of that. We all learned so much and enjoyed the adventure! We would have "family meetings' to plan each day and we usually went with Ben and Rachel's suggested options which were all fabulous. We felt at ease immediately and fell right into our Caribbean adventure. We snorkeled, hiked, yoga, paddle boarded, survived a few intense squalls, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Yoga with Rachel was amazing; she treated us to yoga several mornings.

Soterion was beautiful and clean. Rachel and Ben take impeccable care of Soterion!

The food was delicious and just the right amount! Rachel's presentations were stunning. She uses fresh and healthy ingredients and just seems to read our minds on when and what we needed! Happy hour was fun with exotic drinks and fun treats!

The itinerary was perfection! Jost Van Dyke was a bit crazy and crowded but we requested to go there. The other moorings were stunning and Ben would find just the right spot! Many times we felt as though we were the only ones there!

It was one of those lifetime dreams come true!! Perfect combo of relaxation, nature, action, amazing meals and fun!

Chuck F, aboard Catamaran Soterion, January 2017 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Sam & Rosemary did an amazing job and we were so happy that they were our Captain and Chef. Sam was so accommodating to our water activities especially taking our Daughter and Son-in-law scuba diving several times and at night. He took us to some of the best beaches and bars so now we have many fond memories to enjoy. He seems to be well respected by his peers and a very seasoned Captain. We have never seen two people work so hard, from morning to late night. If we ever do this again they would be our first choice for a crew.

Blue Moon is a beautiful boat, very clean, nicely decorated. We felt like we could have our own space at times to go read, relax and be alone or watch Sam sail the boat. As far as a best feature of the catamaran, we felt all the water activities that we were able to enjoy were amazing and the bedrooms were very comfortable. Slept like babies!

We can't say enough about Rosemary's menus and how she accommodated all our dietary needs from Vegans to meat lovers. Having to cook two different meals for every setting was telling of a wonderful cook. Her homemade cinnamon rolls were to die for and she even made them vegan so we all could enjoy them. So many delicious meals that we all gained some weight but it was well worth it. Like being at a 5 star restaurant! THANKS ROSEMARY!

John at Sailing Directions was always available to talk to and answered all our questions.

Sam and Rosemary were in constant contact with us before our sail to make sure they had all our requests and needs fulfilled. Thanks to Sam and Rosemary for taking us to the best spots in the BVI's!

Jane V, aboard Catamaran Blue Moon, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

We found Doug and Carolyn to be VERY knowledgeable, friendly, attentive and accommodating. They were very flexible with our day to day plan and route. Our request to surf when the swell was appropriate was fulfilled with a flexible schedule. They made sure we saw the sights that they thought would interest us and they were spot on!

Alternate Latitude was comfortable, clean and well ventilated. We enjoyed the “trampoline” area at the bow and the addition of the bean bag chairs was a nice touch. We spent a lot of time at the outdoor table towards the stern which was nice.

The food was amazing! We kept asking Carolyn how she made this and that! She took pride in her work and you could tell. It was perfect and flexible, as well, as the week went on.

The early assistance with trying to find a boat was very helpful and all communication was clear.

We would definitely recommend Alternate Latitude with Doug and Carolyn. They make a great team! Doug was a very competent captain and we always felt that our family was safe while he was at the helm. Carolyn, amazing chef, scheduler and go to! They do make a great team! They were indeed interested in making sure that we were looked after and provided as many choices as possible to explore.

Hans W, aboard Catamaran Alternate Latitude, January 2017 sailing the Virgin Islands

The trip was amazing and beyond! We loved it!!!

Joia K, aboard Catamaran Xenia 74, December 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

We loved Steve and Bonnie they were perfect and the yacht was perfection. We loved everything including the puppy, Sailor. The food was excellent every meal was great and we had plenty of snacks.

Sailing Directions made this experience easy. I, like most people, have a crazy busy schedule and having everything handled took the stress out of planning the trip.

We feel in love with experience. Best vacation ever and we can't wait until we get to sail again.

Christy W, aboard Catamaran Paradigm Shift, December 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime aboard Frangines. Everything was perfect. The food that Dani prepared was fantastic and the dives that Ryan took the group on were excellent. The dive on the RMS Rhone was the best dive I have ever been on. You made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived and I couldn’t be happier that we chose to charter with you guys. All the best to you both and hope to meet up with you in the future.

Jason G, aboard Catamaran Frangines, November 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

We met Roland and Vanessa for the first time and we fell in love with them immediately. With only 4 nights on the yacht it was important to utilize that time to its maximum. Roland and Vanessa had it all planned and we loved it. It was perfect for us. There was something for everybody. The food onboard was excellent. We felt we were dining at the finest restaurant every day. Roland and Vanessa showed professionalism far beyond what we have expected. Watching their teamwork in everything aboard was a pleasure. We could not have gotten a better crew than those two. Thanks again Roland and Vanessa for given us an adventure that we never will forget.

Nina C, aboard Catamaran Amazing Lady, November 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Brendon & Anastasia were an awesome crew and we clicked immediately.

The food was probably the highlight of the charter. Anastasia is an incredible chef (not just cook). She took our requests and nailed it.

We saw everything we asked for and even a few new spots that were really cool. The channel beside Lovango Cay was incredible. Great breeze, awesome snorkeling. Redid our 25th anniversary wedding vows on beach at Hawksnest - complete surprise for all. Brandon and Anastasia helped coordinate flowers, video, stand-in best man..

Sailing Directions was a great liaison, worked on making it affordable, paperwork was easy and communications were great whenever I had questions either online or phone. Keep up the great work!

Mark F, aboard Catamaran Pisces, August 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

The crew was friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. I cannot sing my praises high enough for Adam and Tina. Adam was a highly skilled captain with excellent knowledge of the area we cruised. He knew when and where to go for drift snorkeling, and as a result our snorkeling experience was better than any previous trip. Tina was a friendly and joyful host.

The Rubicon was comfortable, clean and well ventilated. I liked the fact that each cabin had its own head. The Rubicon was the perfect mix of performance and comfort.

Tina was a great hostess and cook. I ate better on the boat than I eat at home. Tina manages the difficult mix of preparing food the tastes, great but is healthy as well. I usually put on weight during vacation and did not on this one, but I ate like a king. Fresh baked bread,muffins and much more.

The Exumas this time of year is just amazing. I have traveled the Caribbean for many years and the best beaches and water is in the Exumas. The crew has cruised these waters for many years and they have extensive knowledge of where to go and what to do. Adams was well connected with the local people and this made for a great experience. A real bonus of going this time of year (July) is that no one is there. We had all the beaches and anchorages to ourselves.

Very happy with Sailing Directions’ service.

Ernie L, aboard Catamaran Rubicon, July 2016 sailing the Bahamas

Paul & Isabella were wonderful. Very professional and knowledgeable. They made our vacation a memorable one.

Something Wonderful is beautiful. Clean, great layout. Love the light grey tones. Very serene.

Super impressed with the food. Bella is extremely talented. There was not a meal that we didn't enjoy. It was actually hard to pick just one as our favorite.

We loved the itinerary in the BVIs. Had a good mix of beach and snorkeling and watersports.

John at Sailing Directions did a great job of getting back to us with any questions we had before and after booking. Very professional.

We had been looking forward to going back to the BVIs with our kids since we loved it so much the first time we went. It was as beautiful as we remembered. Our children really enjoyed the vacation. Great family time. The boat was even nicer in person than online. It is very spacious. Has plenty of space to get sun if that's what you want or shade if you prefer. The fly bridge is incredible. Gives you so much extra room to lounge around. The color scheme is very soothing. It is super well-kept and clean.

Paul and Bella are incredibly professional, friendly, attentive and accommodating. They made our vacation memorable from start to finish. Paul is very knowledgeable of the islands. We loved everywhere he suggested we try. Bella is an incredibly talented chef. Every meal was amazing. We looked forward eagerly to each one and to this day have a hard time picking our favorite. If we were to return to the BVI's again we would without hesitation book Something Wonderful. My suggestion to anyone looking to charter. Look no further. Book this boat ASAP. You will not regret it.

Patty M, aboard Catamaran Something Wonderful, July 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Yes Dear was extremely well maintained and the cabins far more spacious than I had anticipated. Our family enjoyed most of our time on the yacht either sunning on foredeck or relaxing in the shade at the stern.

The crew were hospitable, welcoming, friendly and professional. Hanrie’s mastery in the galley was amazing. Each meal (and hors d’oeuvre) was a creation.Christiaan was flexible and attentive to our preferences.

Sailing Directions was very accommodating, particularly in light of the various modifications we needed to make to our itinerary and dealing professionally and courteously with a last minute cancellation. I would recommend Sailing Directions and Yes Dear without reservations

Bruce P, aboard Catamaran Yes Dear, July 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

The most wonderful, inspiring and peaceful vacation. Thanks for the amazing hospitality and kindness of Amber & Diego - they're like family. Food = Fabulous. Fun = Diego taking the kids knee boarding and exploring the deep blue.

The knowledge they both have of the local customs, culture and wild life only enhanced out love of this trip. Thank you for spoiling us!

Kirk S, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, July 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Jenny and Jaco were the best crew that we've ever had. They were beyond accommodating, paying close attention to everyone's preferences regarding everything from the day's planned activities to each meal's preparation. Without gushing, I'll just say that they exceeded our expectations in every way.

A2 was very clean and nothing was ever out of place. My favorite aspect was the fly bridge, it had shade for those of us people with fair skin and an ample seating area for us all to be together.

Jenny food was beautifully presented and delicious. She paid close attention to everyone's food preferences, sometimes serving three different entrees to accommodate everyone. She did it graciously, never acting like it was an inconvenience to her. She prepared every dish perfectly, especially the duck. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked. She even surprised us with flavor combinations that we had never had before, which is hard to do considering that we own a restaurant. Her food was better than anything that we could get in any restaurant in the BVIs.

They made sure that everyone's wants and needs were met. Some of us wanted to swim, others wanted to snorkel, others wanted to do water sports, and others wanted to get off the boat and visit bars or play bocce. They made sure that everyone was happy and got to do the activities that they wanted.

Jenny is the best chef we've had on 8 charter cat trips. Jaco and Jenny would definitely be our preference for crew on future charters.

Bill G, aboard Catamaran A2, June 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Jose & Pixie were AWESOME. The menu exceeded our expectations. Pixie was amazing. Very happy with service from Sailing Directions.

Robert W, aboard Catamaran Hypnautic, June 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise! Grayson and Kat are such a cute couple. We felt like we were in very capable hands throughout the trip. The food was plentiful and delicious. Boat was in good condition and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend them! Thank you for all your help in matching us up with the perfect cruise!

Wendy C, aboard Catamaran Great Adventure, June 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Erin and Luke were GREAT!!! They worked non-stop to make sure we were having the time of our life. It was hard to say goodbye.

Raven is a really nice boat. Very comfortable and clean.

It was a great vacation and one our kids will carry with forever.

Stanley C, aboard Catamaran Raven, June 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Amazing! Far exceeded expectations! The boat was awesome!

The vacation was PERFECT. Matt and Hillary are the perfect couple. We called them Ken and Barbie. Never been treated better!!! Chef Rich was incredible also. Best food in our lives. Really! We all agreed that Rich was the best chef ever!

Daniel F, aboard Catamaran Lady Katlo, May 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

The crew was fantastic. Brendan was very professional yet fun to be with. The food Anastasia served was first class, and she was perfect as first mate.

Robert G, aboard Catamaran Pisces, May 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Everything about our week was beyond all expectations!

As a group we were beyond happy with the crew. What a team! Great at what they do. Fun loving, friendly, went above and beyond to make our trip all it could be and more. Nathan's dry humor was so enjoyable. Great job of daily cleaning and temperature control. Upper deck was wonderful. Water toys great.

Penny is a tremendous cook and did a great job with our preferences. Rave reviews for quality, imagination and presentation. It's obvious she loves cooking.

Nathan was very accomplished in showing us areas we wanted to visit.

Two hundred per cent better than our previous mono hull sailing charter!

Mat S, aboard Catamaran Amara, May 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

The crew were fantastic! David was very convivial and full of energy and Thryn was a great hostess and wonderful chef.

Elysium is beautiful and well-maintained. Very comfy beds. We loved that she was so well laid out. It never felt like we were in each other’s way onboard.

Food was unbelievably wonderful. Definitely customized, as we like spicy ethnic dishes and Thryn did quite a few of those for us!

We’d love to sail with David and Thryn again sometime in the future. l would definitely recommend Sailing Directions.

Susan B, aboard Catamaran Elysium, May 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

We all had amazing trip. Thanks again for all your help putting it together.

The crew was both great and very friendly and sailed us to all the great spots. I would easily recommend them for any charters. The food was incredible no complaints! We went to all the best spots. Peter Island Anedegan etc. This was my 3 time on a Privilege catamaran - they are the best.

Sailing Directions has been the best charter service I have used. Very fast responses. Thank you John for your superior customer service.

Bill T, aboard Catamaran Lady Dominique II, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Amazing Lady is gorgeous! Lived up to her name :) There were plenty of areas to lounge, it never felt crowded, even with nine ladies. My favorite part of the yacht was probably the trampolines in the front, but the area in front of the cockpit with the sails was also a favorite location for us to act as "sirens" :)

The crew were fantastic. Very friendly, professional and attentive.

The dining could have been our favorite part of the trip. Vanessa was FANTASTIC with her food preparation. She keenly took notice of our requests for healthy food, a lot of seafood, vegetables, her salads were just AMAZING. There was enough meat (and fantastic quality) for the carnivores to be happy as clams, too. There was not a single person unhappy with a single meal. We looked forward to the next meal at every moment!

We LOVE LOVE LOVED Roland and Vanessa. We wanted to bring them home with us! They were fun, provided fantastic service and took great care of us when we became out of control party animals :)

Christine M, aboard Catamaran Amazing Lady, April 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Nathan and Penny were perfect! We knew they would be great, but they exceeded our greatest expectations.

Amara was perfect! It is very spacious, with 3 completely different living areas: the bow, the fly bridge, and the stern. PLENTY of space to get away from the crowd if needed, but also plenty of space in each area for the whole group to hang out together

We are a five star meal three meals a day every day! The food definitely exceeded expectations. We had one gluten free, one dairy free, one both, and the other 5 with no specific dietary needs. And all 8 had one of the best meals we've ever had every single meal!

The itinerary was perfect (and seemed to be tailor made for us), and even when the weather or waves made Nathan change his plans the day was still perfect.

Sailing Directions did a great job of organizing our trip.

Everything was perfect! Definitely the best vacation ever!

Randy G, aboard Catamaran Amara, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

We cannot rave enough about how amazing our vacation was!

Tyler and Kelsey were amazing! They were incredibly knowledgeable about the islands and were always willing to teach us about where we were. Tyler was an amazing dive master and helped us complete our open water certification. We always felt 100% safe with him and he was very patient and professional.

Kelsey was an incredible tour guide especially at the Baths where she took us into nooks and crannies we never would have found on our own. She was also a great photographer and took so many amazing pictures of our group. They were always attentive to our needs and we never had a need or a want left unmet.

The boat was perfect. We had concerns that it would not be big enough for our group of 5 before we left however we couldn't have been more wrong. The cabins were totally adequate and the commons areas were plenty big enough. The air conditioning in the cabins are night worked wonderfully. Our favorite aspects of the boat were the fresh water spigot on the back of the boat, the bean bags and chairs on the front of the boat and the video screen to watch movies or play video games on at night.

The food was absolutely incredible. We had previously wanted to dine ashore one night but after eating the amazing food we changed our minds and decided we would rather eat on board. Every meal was impeccably presented and tasted like gourmet restaurant quality. Every dessert was better than the night before. The menu was customized to our preferences and everyone was beyond satisfied at every meal even though we have different dietary preferences. Our food and alcohol preferences were met to complete satisfaction.

We loved the itinerary we sailed. We told Tyler and Kelsey the first day the few places that were a must to visit and then we told them to take us to their favorite spots, we were not disappointed. They showed us so many beautiful places and took us to amazing diving and snorkeling spots.

Sailing directions was always fast to respond to emails and they helped to recommend this boat for our group and we were not disappointed. We would defiantly use Sailing Directions again, John did an amazing job for us this time and I'm sure he would again!

We cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed our vacation. Sailing in the Virgin Islands is such an incredible and amazingly beautiful experience, doing it on a catamaran with Tyler and Kelsey as the crew makes it a world class vacation. There is nothing better than rolling over in bed in the morning to look out your porthole at the gorgeous turquoise waters then going to eat a deliciously prepared breakfast and spend the day exploring the islands!

Meredith M, aboard Catamaran Two If By Sea, April 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Absolutely excellent! Felicia is extremely comfortable. We liked the outside setting and "hang out" areas.

The food was 5 stars all the way, Julie is a phenomenal chef. Couldn't have been any better, we wanted for nothing. Chris & Julie are absolutely first class!

Tim M, aboard Catamaran Felicia, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

What can we say? You both made this week so amazing in every way - your hospitality, the food, showing us sights we had never seen before and many, many laughs! We will treasure these memories forever and we are so grateful for the chance to meet you two! Hope to see you again soon.

David F, aboard Catamaran Amazing Lady, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Scott and Renee were fabulous! Very friendly, very knowledgeable about the area and all the locations we visited. They attended to every need and anticipated our wants/needs. They planned out the perfect itinerary and made great suggestions for excursions/restaurants/bars, etc.

The boat was beautiful - very well maintained and clean. We loved the top deck area - we spent a lot of time up there.

The food was fantastic and beautifully presented. Truly a real chef experience. Renee went out of her way to ensure we all had what we liked and paid attention to our particular likes/dislikes. We did not have one bad meal. It was all fresh, tasty and almost too pretty to eat.

The itinerary was perfect! Just the right mix of action and relaxation and great snorkeling spots.

We were very happy with the service that we received from Sailing Directions.

Erin H, aboard Catamaran R S Cape, April 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Our crew was extraordinary! They were an integral part of our trip and made the difference between an experience that went from good to exceptional. They were intuitive about how to engage with us, always available but never obtrusive.

Noam’s versatility and flexibility allowed him to tailor our experiences from extreme sports for a few of us, to scuba diving, snorkeling or just lounging for the rest.

Dalit was exceptional, her meals were on time, excellent, innovative and healthy (which is exactly what we had asked for in our request sheet). She also did little things that we wouldn’t have thought of (like pack us snacks while we were on the beach) or just make sure that we had plenty of champagne when were away from the boat. She got an ovation at every meal! We were always sated, but never stuffed. Our food was fresh, healthy and delicious.

My survey responses do not adequately reflect how much of an impact Noam and Dalit had on our cruise. There were so many ways and so many times that Noam and Dalit went above and beyond the call of duty that it would take several pages to enumerate everything that they did.

Alive was beyond comfortable! Before the cruise, I was concerned that we would be on top of each other, but my fears were assuaged as soon as we got on the boat. There was ample storage, amenities I certainly didn’t expect, and plenty of room to spread out on your own. My favorite aspect of the ship was spending time with Noam and Dalit sailing the boat. They were generous with their extensive knowledge and patient with my novice skills. I spent hours at the helm and loved every minute of it!

I loved the fact that we were off the beaten path. We would pull into a deserted bay that was breathtaking, drop anchor and spend the night. It was just incredible! Noam’s experience in area and ability to consider our preferences and the changing weather also made a huge difference.

Jason M.

Aaron M, aboard Catamaran Alive, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

When Noam and Dalit picked us up, they were immediately engaging and delightful. Their personalities and style fit our group just perfectly. Noam was extremely knowledgeable about the islands, was a master at determining where we should visit and on what day, and was also a skilled master diver. He shared his passion for sailing with us, and taught us about sailing throughout the week. We always felt protected and comfortable in Noam's care throughout the week, knowing that he was cautious and assessing the situations around us allowed the group to relax and let him take control. Noam always anticipated what the group may need (food, drink, adventure, exercise) and modified the days and the itinerary throughout the week to accommodate the group's vibe. It was perfect.

Dalit was also just as skilled at sailing, very knowledgeable about our destinations, and EXTREMELY skilled at her culinary creations. First, she has a delightful personality, to which we all loved immediately. Second, we anticipated and CRAVED Dalit's meals. We were in awe at how she could pull a very elegant meal together in a small kitchen, and with such efficiency! We absolutely devoured each and every morsel of her meals and to be frank, were extremely sad returning home without her :-) Like Noam, Dalit also anticipated the group's needs (snacks, drinks, music, etc.) and provided us with a delightful experience.

Alive was extremely comfortable, very clean and well ventilated. This was my husband's and my first trip on a catamaran for a full week. I was worried about feeling claustrophobic after staying on the boat for a week but never felt cramped or dirty. Dalit and Noam take care of the ship like it is their own, they kept it very clean, tidy and comfortable.

My favorite part of the yacht was the sun deck (for morning or evening sunrise/sunset) and the rear dining table for sharing memories or one of Dalit's amazing meals!

The meals were INCREDIBLE. We had asked that our meals be healthy and fresh. She delivered above and beyond. The menu was absolutely customized to meet our group's expectations.

While we had a list of "must do's" on the trip Noam was able to plan our itinerary depending up on the ability to sail, the crowds, wave pattern, etc. It was a delightful trip, great islands, and I cannot wait to return again!

Kelly & Stacy

Aaron M, aboard Catamaran Alive, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

We had the BEST time ever with Jean Yves aboard the Sasha. Chef Sylvia could not be there so Sonia joined us and the girls adored her. Our trip could not have been better.

The crew was amazing in every way. Sasha’s accommodations were fabulous, super clean and airy.

The menu was fabulous with all different kinds of foods and the kids also loved it.

Loved all the great places the crew took us, some popular places and some secret places too. Nice mix of diving, beach spots and others.

Thanks soooo much for everything.

Sandy S, aboard Catamaran Sasha, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Molly and Byron were great - very friendly, knowledgeable, fun and engaging. They very incredibly accommodating and they made the trip so fun.

Blossom was very comfortable, clean and well ventilated. Our favorite aspect was the comfort and spaciousness. It was an added bonus that all sunscreen and shampoo/conditioners/soap was provided.

The food was delicious! We really liked all the meals - plenty of snacks, many of them healthy. Molly is an excellent chef!

Byron took us to many interesting places - many a bit out of the normal tourist areas.

Molly and Byron were really great - they seemed to know when to be available and when to let us be - we enjoyed playing games with them and talking to them about all of their different experiences. They were really good with our two teenage boys as well.

We were very happy with Sailing Direction’s service - any issues that came up were addressed quickly. All questions were answered immediately.

John H, aboard Catamaran Blossom, April 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Our trip was incredible and Christiaan and Hanrie were amazing hosts!! We had a terrific trip!

Yes Dear was very clean and well organized! Our favorite aspect of the yacht was that there were so many places for our group to relax. We had a large group and everyone was comfortable.

The food was absolutely beautifully presented, creative and delicious! Our group was blown away by the meals Hanrie could create in her little kitchen!

Christiaan did a great job of reading our group, listening to our needs and preparing a sailing itinerary that worked well with the weather. We felt like we were in very good hands with Christiaan at the helm!

Elizabeth H, aboard Catamaran Yes Dear, April 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Ryan, Veronika and Justin were a great team and couldn't do more for us.

Split Second was spotlessly clean. The fly bridge was definitely the favorite aspect, although the younger members of our party loved the seats on the bow.

Veronika's culinary skills were excellent and the food was always well presented. She customized the menu according to our individual tastes and we always left her with clean plates!

The itinerary was perfect for our family - from deserted beaches to lively bars.

Sailing Directions helped make our vacation one we will never forget.

Mary W, aboard Catamaran Split Second, March 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

It will be hard to accurately put into words, the incredible performance of both Ryan and Dani on our trip. I know I speak for everyone when I say that every aspect of the trip was a success because of them. Between Ryan's calm and professional demeanor as captain and Dani's outstanding work as chef and fist mate, we all had the best time on this vacation. Every member of our party would be happy to give glowing recommendations to this crew.

This is no exaggeration when I say, anyone looking to charter a crew in the BVI would be hard pressed to find a better crew than Ryan and Dani Querry. No one in our entire party would even have the smallest complaint about the way they took care of us. 5 stars on every level.

The boat itself was clean and well maintained.

The food far exceeded all of our expectations. Besides tasting incredible, Dani's presentations resembled eating at a five star restaurant each day. All of us begged for her recipes and plan on cooking them at home. Dani's cooking was the highlight of the trip. Every day she surprised us with her meals and appetizers.

Our pre-planning and preparation with Sailing Directions was perfect. Everything went according to plan.

Ryan and Dani are the best kept secret of the BVI charter crews. Look no further if you need a crew. You just found the best.

Ron S, aboard Catamaran Frangines, March 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Kestrel was very clean and comfortable - extremely well maintained. The cabins were very comfortable, spacious and well appointed. Loved the comfortable cushions on the front of the boat where we sat to sail.

The crew were friendly and helpful. Kailee reached out before charter to be sure she had all the information to accommodate a severe tree nut allergy. They did a nice job balancing our privacy and family time with being attentive and social.

Outstanding food and, as mentioned, Kailee worked very hard to insure no nuts in any dish. I loved the food fairy that came at each day with delicious meals

We hit all the major spots with a few secret coves and spots that Andrew let us in on.

This was a very easy process and John helpful with all my questions, helping us narrow down to a boat that would work best for our needs within the time frame and budget we needed.

This was our first experience in both the Caribbean and on a charter. We’ve set the bar high for future vacations!

Susan C, aboard Catamaran Kestrel, March 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

The crew, Peter & Colleen were great! Madiba was well maintained. Food was excellent, presentation was great. Very pleased with the trip.

Jeff W, aboard Catamaran Madiba, March 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Everything was fantastic, just like last year. Paul, Bella and Dan are awesome and Bella is an amazing cook!

Winston C, aboard Catamaran Something Wonderful, March 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

We had an amazing week. Everything was better than could have imagined. Thank you for all your assistance in setting us up with the perfect yacht and crew. I can’t think of any way you could improve.

Both Jack and Cayley were tremendous. Not only did they make us feel welcome but they also created a fun environment in which any questions and or suggestions were met with excitement and insight. The perfect crew for our family.

Raven is an outstanding boat. Clean, roomy and well maintained. Favorite aspect – comfort and ease in living on the boat. We lacked nothing and never felt cramped or that something was lacking.

Cayley never presented any meal, snack and or appetizer that was not well thought out, prepared and presented. Every meal she prepared was outstanding, we actually preferred to eat on the boat versus off. She made every meal special.

The itinerary was excellent and had enough flexibility that we made small changes on the fly based on crew suggestions. Everything they suggested was added to our overall experience.

Jack and Cayley are the perfect hosts that made our trip a once in a lifetime experience. The Raven was a special boat that provided the amenities and luxury you hope for when booking a trip like this.

Lyle W, aboard Catamaran Raven, March 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a wonderful trip. Aileen and Dave were incredible Captain, cook and host. I would highly recommend them. The boat was clean and perfectly suited for our crew. Plenty of room to spread out and get your own space. Dave takes his cooking very seriously and put on some incredible meals. He was also very flexible in the menu but everything he made was top shelf. Also the itinerary was great and very flexible. They were very knowledgeable of the area. They are also great swimmers and took us to some really great snorkeling spots and swam with us which made it fun. I would highly recommend them and Moun Beu.

Sailing Direction's services were great and flawless.

James F, aboard Catamaran Moun Beu, March 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

The crew was fantastic. Bastiaan is extremely sociable, knowledgeable, and overall just fun to be with. Christina is great too. She was a bit quiet to start, but after a couple days was talkative and less reserved. They were both always attentive and were good listeners – about asking what we’d like to see, do, eat and drink. There was never a request that wasn’t met, and with joy!

The dives and snorkeling were great fun. In particular, I appreciated that Bastiaan wanted to make sure we had a good experience. For example, at one dive site we were planning, we snorkeled over it first and after consulting with Bastiaan, we decided it wasn’t worth it and held off for a different spot. That was indicative of the trip - Bastiaan and Christina really wanted us to enjoy ourselves and maximize the week, not just a “check this box” approach to filling our time.

Mimbaw is a good yacht. It’s comfortable and well-laid out. This was our second trip on Mimbaw (different crew the first time), and it felt good to be back “home” for the week.

The food was very good. Breakfast was fairly standard, by request – bread, fruit, coffee, etc. One morning we were in the mood for eggs and bacon, which were provided no problem. Another morning, Bastiaan headed out on the dingy early in the morning and returned with some fresh pastries from the local French bakery. Each lunch and dinner was a good meal – hearty and eclectic. The risotto inside pineapple was especially memorable, as was the grilled lobster. And Bastiaan hooked us up with a local who provided fresh conch that we took back to the boat for lunch. That was a nice surprise after a long day of hiking.

Sailing around St. Maarten-St. Barths is a little different from the Bahamas or BVI. There is actually a lot of sailing to be done! On that level, this trip was different from others we’ve gone on. The plus side is sailing is relaxing and enjoyable. The downside – a couple long stretches of rough seas! But this was a good place to be in part because it offers such a different experience.

John at Sailing Directions is fantastic. He makes chartering easy, from matching up with boat/crew, to taking care of all the business details. And he answers emails with hours (if not sooner), no matter how big/little the question. I’m not sure when he sleeps! We’ve done three with Sailing Directions already, and expect #4 once we know our schedule for 2017.

Stephen S, aboard Catamaran Mimbaw, March 2016 sailing the Caribbean Leeward Islands

Marcus and Risa were the best crew we could have imagined! They made our stay very special. This vacation will definitely stay in our mind!

Karizma was comfortable, clean and ventilated: all of it, yes! Marcus & Risa cleaned up during the week, for example when we were all snorkeling in the water, by the time we came back to the boat everything was cleaned up. During the sailing we stayed at the front in the morning / evening more in the back of the yacht. Every location was really nice. In addition we liked the fact that every bedroom had its own bathroom.

We enjoyed every meal prepared by Risa! She is very professional and was a brilliant cook! We were always looking forward to breakfast / lunch / dinner time. Risa always asked if there is something somebody doesn't like and customized the dishes, it was great!

Marcus & Risa included us in the planning of the route and islands we want to go according to our preferences (more party vs more quiet). They recommended us to go up to Anegada (which we did) and it was actually our favorite island!

John, it was great to have you as a fast responding partner at any time for all kinds of questions! Thanks a lot!

Just want to highlight once again that Marcus & Risa did an incredible job. Marcus was always open minded in some action (riding the hot dog, dive board) and he sailed us every day in a great mood to great places! Risa cooked everyday awesome dishes, helped Markus, told us the best places. They were both a great company! We would love to spend another vacation with them!

Anika J, aboard Catamaran Karizma, March 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

The boat was perfect for our group. Richard is the best of the best of any captain I have ever been around and Adele is a beautiful person with the greatest of skills and her food, preparation etc. is first class. We all had a great week and thank you for helping us secure the charter.

Kenneth J, aboard Catamaran The Cure, March 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

The crew were great!! Nana is comfortable and we enjoyed eating at the outside table for meals. Food was amazing! Tara did a wonderful job customized to our preferences.

You were very helpful and made it easier for us to book this trip.

Suzanne S, aboard Catamaran Nana, March 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Diego & Amber were they friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. Although we did not have any real menu requests Amber listened to the conversations and adapted food choices and ingredients daily based on what we were saying. Top notch

I have been a lot of places in the Virgin Islands and Diego managed to bring us to places every day that I have never been (every day - not just once!).

I would recommend Diego, Amber and the Diana Rose to anyone. I also think you could tell families that these two would be wonderful for people with kids. I think Diego’s humor and energy and Amber’s ability to adapt to different personalities kids would have a blast.

Tom B, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, February 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Jos and Chrizaan were amazing. They were very knowledgeable about the BVI and we did at least 3 or 4 different things each day. They were extremely pleasant and accommodating to all members of our party. The crew can make an enormous difference to the success of your week and our week was the very best.

Xenia was immaculate and very well cared for. The rooms were very spacious and there was a great back deck where we ate all our meals. Loved the separate showers for each room. King and Queen beds were awesome. The boat was very quiet, you couldn't hear stuff going on up on the decks in your bedroom.

Chrizaan is an amazing chef. Every meal was delicious and looked amazing. We all felt like we were dining in a five star restaurant each meal. She cooked all our favorite things.

We feel like we saw everything we wanted to see. Each day was customized by captain Jos to our desires.

John N, aboard Catamaran Xenia, February 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Ben and Rachel were the best, better than we could have even imagined! They are extremely knowledgeable, fun and engaging and the food that Rachel put out of that tiny kitchen was phenomenal! We were truly spoiled. They made great suggestions for our diverse group and even joined us on several outings! We feel blessed to have had them as our captain/first mate/cook/social directors for the week!

We loved the fact that each bedroom aboard Soterion had a private bath! We also like the big trampoline area and the other cushioned areas which were great for relaxing. The boat was very clean and we loved the fact that we got clean sheets mid-week. The yacht was well stocked with drinks and snacks!

The meals were customized for our group which was very much appreciated. Rachel called us the “clean plate club” for a reason! Every meal was exceptional and it was plated beautifully! The food looked as though it should have been photographed for a high end food magazine! We looked forward to every meal and were always excited for the great reveal.

Suzanne M, aboard Catamaran Soterion, February 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Roland and Vanessa were amazing! We could not have asked for a better crew! They understood our humor, were extremely knowledgeable and attentive. We know this trip would not have been as wonderful if we had a different crew. We would definitely recommend Roland and Vanessa.

We loved Amazing Lady! It was very comfortable and clean. We did have a problem with the air conditioner one night, but Roland was able to fix it and we didn't have any further issues. It is hard to pick a favorite, but we all loved sitting together for meals at the outdoor table. It was a great gathering spot.

The food was delicious! Vanessa is a wonderful cook and Roland is a great griller! The menu was perfect for our group.

This was our first trip to the BVI's. We managed to see a little bit of everything and now have some favorite spots to return to and ideas on where else to explore.

Sailing Directions answered all our questions and was very responsive. We have passed the website and yacht information on to some of our friends.

We loved that Roland and Vanessa snorkeled with us. Their knowledge of the area was very much appreciated.

Sheila E, aboard Catamaran Amazing Lady, February 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Roland and Vanessa are quite simply "the best". They are very knowledgeable, hardworking and fun. They work extremely well together and each brings exceptional and complimentary skills to the table. It is clear that their top priority is their guests' safety and enjoyment. Their knowledge of the BVIs is vast and each were always willing to share as much information as one would want to know.

Roland and Vanessa are very attentive and sensitive to the needs of their guests. They are fun to hang with but very low key and only joined in when invited. Roland and Vanessa are both extremely patient and have easy going dispositions.

Roland is an exceptional sailor, teacher, diver and drink mixer. Vanessa is an exceptional chef. The food was delicious, creative, healthy and plentiful. She was always willing to share recipes and ingredients.

This was truly the trip of a lifetime for all four couples and each of us would like to return to the BVIs and the Amazing Lady sometime in the future.

We very much appreciated the professional assistance provided by Sailing Directions when booking the perfect boat for our group. John was always prompt with answers to any questions and gave helpful advice to aid in decisions regarding water taxi and ferry transportation to and from our cruise departure and arrival location.

The Amazing Lady is a very apt name for a boat that could not have been better designed for comfort and style. She sailed smoothly and held her own one day under very windy and rough sea conditions!

Steve and Nancy

Sheila E, aboard Catamaran Amazing Lady, February 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

Will and Rene were fabulous. Very friendly, accommodating and willing to customize our trip at any point.

Amazing Blues was amazing (can I say that?!?!). Therefore aptly named. Almost brand new, more spacious than we anticipated and the crew is fastidious about maintenance!

Food was great. Both crew members can cook and they were very willing to customize.

All in all our family had the trip of a lifetime.

Lance M, aboard Catamaran Amazing Blues, February 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

This trip has been one of the best trips ever!

Sam and Rose are THE BEST crew one could ask for! So professional, dedicated, nice friendly persons, and so helpful, always helping others and making sure everyone was having fun. I would definitely go on another charter with them!

The boat was in great shape and very comfortable. The outdoor areas, especially the front area with the reggae music were like paradise the first day! And a great place to be while sailing.

The food was delicious, very nicely presented and according to what we had asked. Before the trip, Rose sent me an email with the menu she had prepared based on our preference sheet, which was excellent and I only asked to change a couple of things! We took pictures of the plates!

I would definitely recommend Sailing Directions to our friends.

Rossana L, aboard Catamaran Loveboat, February 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Ben and Rachel were wonderful. A perfect match for our group. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly , accommodating , attentive, responsible , trustworthy , and safety conscious. We loved getting to know them and were very comfortable with them. They were very professional, yet warm and personable. They treat each other with great respect and kindness. We would definitely charter with them in the future. They spoiled us from the first minute.

We loved the Soterion. Very clean. Very comfortable. Well ventilated and loved the air conditioning at night. Ben and Rachel kept the ship well organized and everything had its place and the laundry and towels smelled great!!!! Favorite aspect was every room had at least a queen bed and its own bathroom and I loved that there was sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and lotion on board. A smooth ride as well.

The food was fabulous ! Like 5 star restaurant ! Rachel is an awesome chef and always kept the kitchen clean and great hygiene. We all were so stuffed with food each day but we couldn't say no to any meal because they were all so yummy! Very impressive. The duck was one of the best entrees I have ever had.

The itinerary was perfect. Enjoyed every place we went. Every stop was different and unique and had something to offer. Ben did a great job. Loved the map, hat and T-shirt we received at the end of the trip.

Sailing directions was very prompt and helpful. Ben and Rachel has nothing but compliments for John Lane and said I chose one of the best services and I completely agreed! Emails were answers immediately, no matter if it was day or night or weekend. I will definitely let my friends and family know of Sailing Directions. We would like to book another charter in the future.

Thanks again for everything. It was a fantastic experience!

Lana S, aboard Catamaran Soterion, February 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

We enjoyed sailing around and exploring St. Maarten, Anguilla and St Barts. This charter area offered more sailing opportunities than the BVI. The BVI was a better destination for iconic beach bars, easier hiking, and clearer snorkeling.

Nick & Lucy are awesome crew and frequently knew what we wanted before we even had a clue. I love them both.

Best Revenge 5 is very comfortable, well maintained, and spotless. My favorite things about the yacht are warm fresh water for rinsing off after swimming, comfortable beds, individual AC thermostats in cabins, robust shower in cabin, extensive music selection, and crew's attention to detail.

Lucy exceeded our expectations once again. She is a very talented and creative chef with a passion for food preparation & presentation. She went the extra mile to accommodate our individual preferences and dietary needs.

Sailing Directions service was prompt and efficient. Keep up the good work.

Susan V, aboard Catamaran Best Revenge 5, January 2016 sailing the Caribbean Leeward Islands

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this vacation and this crew! We definitely had a great time, and Steve and Deb were a big reason why. We were a little high maintenance on the food front: one vegetarian, one gluten free, one low carb, and one who won't eat cilantro. Deb took it all in stride and made some AWESOME meals for us. She focuses on organic, local ingredients, and you can taste it! It was so good we begged for recipes and have tried a few at home.

We told Steve that what we really wanted was good snorkeling, and so he took us to some EXCELLENT spots. We snorkeled two or three times a day, and had a great time. He picked routes so we could see a lot of different things, and still get to sites fast and spend most of our time in the water. When it got windy and wavy, he found us coves where it was easier to snorkel. And when we got out of the water, they had drinks waiting for us - girly, beach drinks, just as we requested.

They are great people, and we had a great time. The ship was extremely well maintained, and they take care of it very lovingly. Great crew, great ship, great snorkeling, great friends. What more could you ask for?

Also want to add: you, John, and Sailing Directions, were also AWESOME to work with. I asked for lots of quotes (different dates, different number of people), and asked for an extension (or possibly two) to lock in the reservation, as I tried to get commitments from the group, and you quickly and pleasantly responded to everything. Greatly appreciate the service.

Paula W, aboard Catamaran Alternate Latitude, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Stephen & Julia are extremely knowledgeable - very, very accommodating - they sat down with us and listened to our requests, thoughts, etc. to make a plan for the week - and then each day the schedule was addressed and our requests were foremost in their decisions as to what to do. We felt like they had all the knowledge of what we’d like to do and when, and they put together great itineraries.

Safari exceeded our expectations - plenty of room, lots of area to gather, or to be alone. Beds were really comfortable, and everything was so clean.

The food was beyond our expectations! Julia is an amazing cook - delicious and gorgeous presentation! She customized to us - only complaints are that she fed us too much and that we had to come home without her!

We felt like we did the perfect option with the half board - the benefit of Julia’s amazing cooking, and also being able to sample some of the local flavor at dinners and lunch.

We had an incredible time - exceeded our expectations in every way! Thanks to you too for coordinating for us - made everything run very smoothly. We really appreciated the advice regarding packing - we did a pretty good job with that. Pre-planning and prep was great and easy. Will definitely recommend to others! And we’ll be back, too!

Betsy G, aboard Catamaran Safari, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Sam & Rosemary were excellent! The boat was perfect. We particularly liked the 8 person float and spent quite a bit of time enjoying it!

The food was excellent. Rosemary definitely customized the menu to suit us and it was perfect.

The itinerary was excellent and we don't feel like we missed anything.

Very happy with Sailing Directions' service. We can't wait to come back next year.

Deirdre G, aboard Catamaran Loveboat, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Matt and Tara were exceptional. Friendly, helpful and a pleasure. They knew when to "fade into the background" but also were very engaged with our group. We have been numerous times to the BVI but they brought us to some wonderful snorkeling sites we had not seen before.

The boat was very clean absolutely no complaints there. Very nice boat, good spaces.

The food was AMAZING! If you like good food, go on this charter! Menu was well customized, some of us had food allergies, and Tara made some separate custom meals as good as the rest. Everything from scratch. Only problem is the few pounds we each gained for the week - well worth it. Matt is a terrific drink mixer.

Very good itinerary--and they were willing to go to the places we also wanted to see.

Sailing Directions' service was problem free and appreciated. Would recommend Sailing Directions, The Nana, and Matt and Tara without reservation.

Jeremy D, aboard Catamaran Nana, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Bill & Michelle were wonderful in every way. They obviously read our preferences list prior to our arrival and pre-planned a draft itinerary. Once on board, they fine-tuned our itinerary based on suggestions, recommendations and their past experiences.

Bill & Michelle often anticipated our needs/wants/interests before we did! They were extremely attentive, very knowledgeable, super friendly and accommodating.

The yacht was impeccably clean and superbly maintained. Size was perfect for our family of 4 adults. We all enjoyed the traipse while under sail. Joan & Katie especially loved the hammock when we dropped anchor. Brian and Kenneth loved snorkeling with the hooka.

Michelle is a chef extraordinaire! Her meals were varied, creative and delicious! We were running out of adjectives to compliment Michelle by the end of the week. Michelle was also very good about making a "plain" version of some meals for our daughter.

Our interest was in snorkeling. Bill & Michelle had that in mind with our itinerary and overnight locations. Bill also was very good at finding locations with desolate beaches for shell seeking. Our daughter was over-the-moon with the spots Bill suggested!

We used Sailing Directions for our charter 10 years ago and wouldn't hesitate to use SD in the future (hopefully sooner than 10 years!). Very happy. Straight forward process.

If we were to describe the perfect charter/vacation, it would be a week sailing with Bill and Michelle on Steppin Up.

Safety is a paramount concern to our family. Captain Bill was very cautious, responsible and experienced. The entire family was completely at ease sailing with Captain Bill.

Joan E, aboard Catamaran Steppin Up, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

The crew was a delightful. Captain Andre was knowable of the BVIs. We asked to avoid crowds and still see the sights. He managed to do just that. Nancy, our steward and 1st mate, though not a regular on the boat, was a true gem. She contributed to our enjoyment and comforts without hesitation. Cressi the chef aboard has a natural ability. She made complex food parings and the meal presentation was very entertaining.

Aletheia was clean, well maintained and ventilated. The fly bridge was our favorite spot, roomy and great for catching rays and star gazing.

The chef was young and very talented in her complex pairings of foods. She strived to have something new and different. We choose not to leave the boat and stay aboard for her meals.

We as a group asked to travel opposite of the crowds, seeing the same sights. Andre took all this into account and always had an eye on the weather and winds.

Personal note, I was the facilitator in our trip planning. I interviewed two other charter companies and John was the most gracious and through the entire process exceeded all my expectations.

Sandra H, aboard Catamaran Aletheia, January 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

We had a fantastic cruise, Jack and Jaimey are outstanding and we would highly commend them. Blue Moon is also a great boat.

Bruce B, aboard Catamaran Blue Moon, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

Harvey & Cara were excellent in all respects, very helpful, and Cara's cooking was even better than expected. Be careful, she could be lost to a MICHELIN-starred chef in the blink of an eye. We have eaten in Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world, and Cara could work in any of them. Amazing what she can do in that little kitchen. Think what she could do at The French Laundry or The Fat Duck. Very accomplished diver also.

Richard S, aboard Catamaran Ma Ha, January 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

What a relaxing week for us! You both made us feel very comfortable and taken good care of. So accommodating. The food was fantastic, and the sailing great. We could not ask for a better week.
Sincerely Linda & Dick

Our thanks for a wonderful - relaxing week. Every detail was covered, from drinks in hand to gourmet food beautifully presented. The weather was perfect and smiles all around as we sail our last day - and appreciate the great vacation.
Thanks Sherri & Richard

You could not have been any better at what you do. Two great people doing everything you could for your guests. Wonderful food and SIX star service. Thanks for your wonderful experience.
Chuck & Lisa

Richard S, aboard Catamaran Ma Ha, January 2016 sailing the British Virgin Islands

The captain and chef, Oswaldo & Briar were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They answered every question we had, as did Jos and Julia.

Our favorite aspect was the space. Everyone had plenty of places to hang out, in the sun, out of the sun, in the breeze, etc. All of the water toys were great too!

The food was amazing and Briar did a great job changing some things on the fly. Oswaldo did a great job of picking places to go, depending on weather and activities.

Jessica A, aboard Catamaran Akasha, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

I'd give them a 9 - they were great! They were very friendly and upbeat, they were very good and kind to our kids.

Happy Time was very comfortable, clean and well ventilated. The bedrooms and bathrooms where a nice size and the front deck and trampoline area was very comfortable with the cushions and chairs.

The food was all very delicious and well presented. Caitlin made much of the food by scratch which was very impressive. Also enjoyed a new cocktail every evening made by Jeff.

We enjoyed the itinerary, went to a few new spots that we never had been to. Snorkeling was awesome with Caitlin’s guidance, she took us a couple times on guided tours and pointed out things that we would have missed if we were by ourselves.

You kept us on top of deadlines and with important information for the trip. I’ll surly recommend Sailing Directions and Happy Time if anyone asks.

Julie M, aboard Catamaran Happy Time, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

I have literally made life-long friends. Jose and Janet were extremely friendly and fit in very well with our group. We loved spending time with them. Both were very attentive and seemed to know exactly what we needed at any particular time. I very much enjoyed staying up late and talking with Cap'n Jose about various topics. Everything we wanted was provided. Jose and Pixie offered us very good suggestions as we made our way around the islands.

Hypnautic was very well maintained. It was amazing to me how clean Jose and Pixie were able to keep the yacht with the six of us constantly moving about, snacking, drinking, lounging, etc. I was very impressed by this. I think my favorite aspect was our mealtime and all of us sitting around the outside table. Lots of great conversation. I also very much enjoyed being up on the bridge with Cap'n. I loved the wind in the face and the amazing views.

Pixie is an amazing chef. I could tell that heart and soul was put into each dish. I enjoyed talking to Pixie about how she came up with some of the dishes and how she likes to take time to think of and practice making new dishes. I can't wait for more Pixie meals!

The Virgin Islands couldn't have been better. It was exactly what we wanted. The only thing I wish I had different was MORE TIME!

This trip was well worth every single penny. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to disconnect from the real world and just relax and be stress free for a week. Great re-charge of the internal batteries that are required to operate in life.

Joshua M.

Aaron H, aboard Catamaran Hypnautic, January 2016 sailing the Virgin Islands

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