Customer testimonials, Caribbean yacht charter reviews

Below is a sample of the crewed charter yacht reviews that Sailing Directions receives from customers on a regular basis:

Catamaran Miss Kirsty

The cruise aboard Lady J was great. The kids and grandkids loved the trip and the crew, and I think the crew loved the kids. Happy New Year!

Heather H, aboard Power Yacht Lady J, January 2019  sailing the Bahamas

Simply amazing! Both Rich and Lisa provided outstanding service. They were both very knowledgeable and very accommodating. We couldn't have asked for a better crew!

The Luar was very comfortable and immaculate. Lisa was always cleaning! I loved the sundeck up top to watch the stars!

Oh my gosh, the food was amazing! Rich and Lisa accommodated teenagers and my allergies. My teens came home raving about the food.

Rich was super smart and with it being New Year's week - he reversed the itinerary after hearing me comment I'd prefer not to be with lots of boats. On average we moored with 2 other boats - perfect!

The crew makes a boat / week.

Mary Ann S, aboard Catamaran Luar, January 2019  sailing the Virgin Islands

I write this on our final day aboard and we are slightly saddened because we are leaving two new family members, Eddie and Danielle. They are much more than captain & chef/mate. They treated us and our grandkids with great care and, oh boy did we have fun. Prepare for an adventure, where every “little thing” is done for you. Eddie and Danielle you are the best, thank you.

Tom F, aboard Power Yacht Cat Cay, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

The crew were phenomenal! We listed some “want to see” locations but we trusted them to know the area and take us to special spots and they did just that!

The food was gourmet level at many meals and beautifully presented. We especially loved the shaded lounge area at the stern.

Barbara H, aboard Catamaran Free Ingwe, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

You ALL went out of your way to make our trip an experience of a lifetime. Catering not only to each person’s culinary desires but giving us the FULL experience. Everyone had every idiosyncratic whim fulfilled. How you made 10 very different people ALL feel like they were super special and gave each one a VIP experience was the best I’ve seen of the crews we’ve sailed with.

Eric L, aboard Catamaran Seahome, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Thank you so much for a great week. We have loved every moment, the week went by much too quickly. All of the food was so yummy and such a treat to not cook for a week :)

Ryan and Jill were fantastic - super friendly and easy to be with - very knowledgeable both from a sailing point (we were very confident in Ryan (and Jill’s) ability to “drive” the boat - they totally knew what they were doing - and also knowledgeable in great areas to snorkel and anchor for the day/night. Accommodating? - Yep! They pretty much asked us what we wanted to do and made it happen each day!

Oui Cherie is a great boat! We were a little worried as our last boat was slightly larger so we were afraid we wouldn’t be “wowed” by this one but that was not the case at all. Because it’s a new boat everything was super clean and new and nice. Favorite part of boat was either the front cushioned area or the flybridge - that really added a lot of extra space to spread out.

What’s not to love about the BVI’s?! Beautiful area and nice warm weather. It has been a great week! Thank you.

Allison G, aboard Catamaran Oui Cherie, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

You have our undying thanks for recommending Breanker as we had an absolutely wonderful time. Best. Vacation. Ever. As the kids would say. Marianne and Kristian were perfect hosts, the vessel was immaculate, the food was gourmet quality. Even the weather was perfect, although you probably can’t claim credit for that. The BVIs were gorgeous and welcoming. We would definitely consider another trip, although we are not the sort of people who can afford to do things like this regularly. Sincerely,

Mary S, aboard Catamaran Breanker, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

I can say it was the best vacation ever. Taylor and Margaret were awesome. Wise beyond their years. Would give them a 10 on everything professional and mature. I would also give them a 10 on food which was wonderful!
Thanks best v ca ever.

Cathy H, aboard Catamaran White House, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

The crew were FANTASTIC! They were friendly, knowledgeable, attentive, accommodating and more.

The food was amazing. 5 stars for the food and presentation.

Kathy B, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Dana and Jason were amazing. Dana was amazing her food is the one thing we all missed and talked about when we got home. She always had a great presentation of the food and to was delicious. Jason was fun and always accommodated us in anything we wanted to do. When we come back there is no one else I would want but them to charter us. They went above and beyond.

Island R&R was so nice everything was clean and every morning we woke up and it looked brand new again.

I loved everything we did! We even asked if we could change things up one day and stay longer in Anegada and Jason said sure and rearranged things for us. They never said no to any request and were very accommodating to all our needs.

We loved everything! We will be doing this again!

Jamie G, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, December 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Tyler & Kelsey were awesome.

Re Playtime: We loved it all. Like the convenience of having an icemaker and water maker. We enjoyed the upper deck lounge area as well.

The food was wonderful, tasty, and customized to dietary preferences. It was always beautifully presented.

We enjoyed everywhere we went. Kelsey was like our personal tour guide offering stories, fun, historic & scientific facts.

Thank you!

Jamie H, aboard Catamaran Playtime, July 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a most wonderful vacation with Andrea and Morgan.

Captain Andrea revealed beautiful snorkeling locations to us and showed us the joys of sailing in the BVI.

Morgan was delightful. She provided lovely meals catering to everyone's tastes - sometimes cooking up to three varieties of a meal at a time. Not only was she a wonderful cook, but she was a great role model for the teenage girls on the trip - she was interesting, caring and accomplished.

Captain Andrea struck the perfect balance - engaging with us and giving us space all on the same trip. We can't wait to charter another trip. It's been a long time since we were so very relaxed. Our trip on Nemo accomplished maximum relaxation!

Thank you for everything. Please extend our tremendous thanks to Captain Andrea and Morgan. They provided us with amazing memories for our lifetime!

Karen N, aboard Catamaran Nemo, July 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Theunis & Rebecca were friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. Great crew.

We love the king size beds aboard Anastasia. Theunis is a wealth of information. Rebecca is a great chef. Could not have had better food anywhere.

John at Sailing Directions was a great help in planning this trip. He always answered my emails in a timely and helpful manner.

Priscilla F, aboard Catamaran Anastasia, July 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

This vacation was outstanding. It ranks in my top 3 trips of all time. Thanks for helping us book the adventure and ensuring our success.

Graham and Kristiann were as good as it gets. Their attention to detail, knowledge of the area and sailing, plus constant focus on our safety and entertainment made this vacation spectacular.

Allende was extremely comfortable, clean and well ventilated. While I have very limited sailing experience, I do have extensive inland water boating experience. The layout of Allende was extremely comfortable. I never felt confined or cramped.

My favorite aspect of the yacht becomes difficult to answer, because it really depended on the time of day. In the mornings, I found it extremely relaxing to be up top on the sun pad to stretch and enjoy a cappuccino (they had a professional cappuccino machine - I mean come-on!). In the evenings, the outdoor aft lounge was perfect to relax with a drink and watch the sunset. Plus on several nights, they used a green egg grill to cook dinner. So it does not get much better than watching a Caribbean sunset while smelling a grill cooking up dinner. And lastly, sleeping; the cabins can be turned down to a low temp while the gentle rocking puts you to sleep. I had some of the best sleeping that I can remember while onboard Allende. So my favorite aspect of the yacht is difficult to choose.

The menu was certainly customized to our preferences. Kristiann even made separate meals a few times when she knew one of our guests would not enjoy the dish everyone else was eating. The food was extremely well prepared and almost all of it was prepared from scratch. It was the quality of high end restaurant. Very impressed!

The itinerary was just what we were seeking. Each night we discussed the next day’s route and agenda. And if desired, we could change things up to do more or less of an activity.

I am extremely happy with Sailing Directions. John was certain to be sure our desires and budget matched perfectly with the yacht and crew. Sailing Directions' website made my selection much easier.

I must say that vacations usually take about three days for me to finally relax and enjoy the trip. This vacation on the Allende with Graham and Kristiann was different. I was completely relaxed by the first morning. It was perfect!

David K, aboard Catamaran Allende, July 2018  sailing the British Virgin Islands

Conor & Taylor are very comfortable to be around. Connor was always asking how we were doing and if we needed anything - we loved his happy hour drinks!

Great Adventure has a great outside layout and cabins (each with its own shower and controlled thermostat).

Food was Amazing! Beautifully presented and perfect portions. Taylor is an amazing cook. We looked forward to apps and meals every day and were not disappointed.

Tom G, aboard Catamaran Great Adventure, July 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Jill and Ryan were unreal. Best vacation experience we have ever had - largely due to their considerate demeanor coupled with their incredible knowledge of boating and the local geography. They were like an aunt and uncle to our boys - they loved spending time with them.

Great boat - our favorite part of the yacht was the master stateroom - luxurious!

I was amazed at the food Jill was able to produce given the limited galley she had to work with. We looked forward to eating every meal.

The itinerary was perfect - we were constantly on the go. We loved the choice spots we had to anchor to in the evenings.

I thought you did an excellent job from start to finish. Thank you! We will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks us about our trip.

Ryan and Jill were outstanding hosts - they made our first extended boating experience exciting and a true pleasure. Not an easy task given that we had 3 boys ages 6, 10 and 13.

Scott M, aboard Catamaran White House, July 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We must say that the trip was absolutely spectacular. Everything was great and both Michaela and Andrew were outstanding. Michaela a Master chef and scuba diving teacher and Andrew a true and passionate Captain.

The food was delicious and very well presented. The variety of dishes was very impressive. Michaela is a true Master Chef. It was most of the time adjusted to our preferences.

We would love to do this trip again and we have already given the link to to many of our friends. We highly recommend Sailing Directions.

Great team Andrew and Michaela, Scuba Dives that were one of the most beautiful our divers had seen. We appreciate that the food, drinks were very generous. Thank you so much for all your help on this trip.

Monica A, aboard Catamaran Flip Flop, July 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Absolutely the best vacation we have ever had! We Loved Loved Marcus & Risa! Between the two of them I’m not sure who knew more about every place we went. We Highly recommend Neverland to all our friends & family!! John did a wonderful job and was always responsive to ALL my emails. We would love to book and go again!

Leslee M, aboard Catamaran Neverland, June 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

The whole experience was fabulous! The crew could not have been better - period! Seahome has a wonderful layout and everything was a favored aspect. The food was fabulous and customized for each person. The itinerary was great and the dives fantastic!

Nick B, aboard Catamaran Seahome, June 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Matt & Dana (Dana filled in for Casey) were very friendly and clearly knew what they were doing. Matt’s knowledge of the islands led us to many places others may not have the opportunity to experience and we took home several recipes and ideas from Dana’s cooking. My 83 year mother traveled with us and Matt & Dana were very patient and willing to help her so she had a wonderful experience.

We found the boat very comfortable for 6 people and the crew. We really only slept in the cabins, but they were big enough to sleep well. We had plenty of space on the deck, whether we were up front when sailing or sitting in the back for dinner/lunch. The boat is a little bit older which we knew going in but is well maintained and very comfortable.

The water toys really added to the experience, wake boarding, snorkeling, paddle boarding, the go-pro and Peggy & Ursula made sure we had plenty to do in the water.

The food was fantastic, really nice variety and plenty to eat. Dana did a great job creating menu options for my vegan daughter who probably had more variety on the boat than any other time. Very locally focused, which was nice in terms of experiencing new tastes.

Eddie Y, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, June 2018  sailing the British Virgin Islands

Michaela and Andrew could not have been more friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. Spending six days and nights in relatively tight quarters was managed to perfection by those two. They were in sync the entire time and worked like a well-oiled machine. They were so comfortable and pleasant to be around.

Flip Flop was a great boat. They kept it immaculate throughout the duration of the trip.

We did not have a bad meal on the boat. Truth be told, we didn’t have a meal that was any less than fantastic. We had one meal on land and regretted it. The whole time we said things like, “Michaela would do a much better job than this. Michaela makes a better cocktail than this. Michaela’s presentation is world’s better than this etc.”. The food was plentiful but not gigantic portions. We loved that. Also, it was all so fresh and beautifully plated. It was obvious that she had carefully read about our preferences and tailored her menus accordingly.

The itinerary was perfect. Just the right combination of movement, beaches, snorkeling, bars, etc.

Sailing Directions website is absolutely fine and easy to navigate. John, you did a great job. Specifically, you always got back to me quickly which I appreciated.

Additional comments: I want to say something about Andrew and Michaela and their relationships with my kids. A bonus that I only realized after our week was the relationship established with our kids and those two. For my 24 year old son, Andrew was a cool respite from dealing with the estrogen of his sisters. They played games, read the same book, and simply had a nice time together. For my 22 and 19 year old girls, they saw in Michaela an interesting, smart, capable young woman pursuing her dream and being an equal and complimentary partner to her guy. I treasure that part of our vacation.

When you chat with Andrew and Michaela, please pass along our gratitude.

Joyce F, aboard Catamaran Flip Flop, June 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Everyone in our party felt like we had the best crew in the Caribbean in Marcus and Risa. Our daughter received a marriage proposal at the Baths and Marcus and Risa really made it special.

We liked that Neverland’s en-suite bathrooms, the upper seating area and the fact it was a new boat.

Risa is a magician. Still not sure how she produced 3 award winning meals a day for 9 people in the tiny galley! And without re-provisioning during the charter.

Marcus has a deep knowledge of the area and hit all the highlights we hoped for.

Communication was excellent from Sailing Directions. John did a great job helping us through the impact of the hurricane.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sailing Directions and Marcus/Risa/Neverland.

Chris P, aboard Catamaran Neverland, May 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Tony, Kate, Kerry and Su were all very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They made everyone feel so comfortable. They each possessed a lot of knowledge about the Virgin Islands from the history, to the landscape and geography as well as about the waters the creatures within. The attention they gave to us was perfect - we didn't want for anything. We couldn't have asked for a better crew for our first charter and for the Xenia. A match made in heaven.

Xenia 74 is an amazing vessel. The design and decor were fabulous. The cabins were very comfortable - especially the master. I still can't get over how much space there was. We loved being able to look through the port hole over our bed to see the stars. The group spent most of our time outside to enjoy the great weather and temperatures. We used every space from the front net area, the bridge, the side beds and back bench in the rear covered space and the aft steps were great for fishing and fish watching - especially at night with the lights on. It's hard to pick a favorite and if I have to it's the outside covered eating area where we enjoyed all of our meals while onboard. It was a great space for our group of 8 to recap the day over cocktails and amazing cuisine.

I don't know how Kate created what she did in such a small galley (I didn't see it on the Xenia but have seen them on other boats). She is a very talented chef. We were blown away by every single meal. She did a fabulous job of catering to everyone's tastes and preferences. One guest has a gluten sensitivity and she made sure there was an option available for her every time. The meals were creative, decadent and wonderfully presented.

The itinerary was perfect. We wondered how much it might need to change as a result of the hurricanes last year. Captain Tony put his knowledge to use by adjusting to ensure we saw fabulous beaches, the cool beach bars and hang outs, serene anchorages and the popular spots such as the Baths, Foxy's and more. I really appreciated how he reviewed the next day itinerary with us and gave us options.

We were very happy with the service from Sailing Directions. I appreciated the updates you provided following the storms and the very helpful reminders along the way. The website is extremely helpful. Especially the charter preparation information. It really set us up for success.

Our charter was an experience of a lifetime. We will always cherish the memories we made.

Diane B, aboard Catamaran Xenia 74, May 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had an amazing trip with Ted and Ashley. William (Ted) was great, always thinking ahead, friendly and professional, we could not have hoped for a better captain. He always had suggestions on activity without imposing anything specific, he truly let us customize our vacation.

Windscape was comfortable and roomy, we really liked the fact that we each had our own room.

The food was great and well presented, excellent variety.

Amazing experience, this was my first crewed charter and I am very happy we did not do a bareboat as I did not know the USVI/BVIs, this was a true vacation! We loved it so much we may do it again.

Stephane L, aboard Catamaran Windscape, May 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Soterion was awesome but even more so was Ben and Rachel. They really made the trip for us amazing for us. We could have been on a dingy and the trip would have been amazing because of them.

Ben and Rachel were amazing. I truly would call them friends after this trip. They were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable of sailing, and all things BVI. They truly knew how to accommodate us based on our likes, dislikes, and level of activity based on our personalities. This is a vacation where one could really relax knowing that everything was handled by Ben and Rachel.

Soterion was very clean, all rooms well ventilated with air conditioning. The best part of Soterion was how roomy it was. I worried about 10 humans living on a 57ft catamaran for 7 days. It never felt crowded and there was always some place to go if you need to be alone.

Rachel is a great chef. She was able to accommodate special diets and make each of their dishes to their liking. Every meal from breakfast to dessert in the evenings was great.

We loved that Ben and Rachel were so experienced. We are an active bunch and the itinerary was customized to those activities. The entire group liked the evening "family" meetings we had with Ben and Rachel to discuss the next day's activities and adjust based on our feedback.

The entire group was very satisfied with Sailing Directions planning and commitment. This was our first sailing charter, we had many questions which John and the Sailing Directions website answered. Very impressed, we knew exactly what to expect from packing our lightweight luggage to water taxis to hotel recommendations prior and after the sail. We are discussing another charter for the end of next year.

Marcos T, aboard Catamaran Soterion, May 2018  sailing the British Virgin Islands

Ryan and Jill were awesome. In the 2 weeks leading up to our arrival Jill was in regular contact with our whole gang on little details from food, drinks and activities. They even got a coconut tree for us to plant on an island.

We enjoyed the entire boat from the trampolines, hanging out front under the sun shade and chilling on the back of the boat.

I am certain there is no other crew that was as prepared food-wise as these guys. I am not sure how many cruises I have been on but it probably more than 24. If I took the best meals from all of those cruises, it wouldn't come close to the food that we ate last week, not even close!

Our charter broker, John, was very responsive the whole time. We will definitely book another trip in the year or 2.

Kevin B, aboard Catamaran White House, May 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Matt and Dana (standing in for Casey) were stars. They were more than friendly they were like family. Matt's knowledge of the islands, special stories and the history were amazing. They accommodated our gluten-free needs as well as fresh and healthy with flavors Galore and presentation of a Michelin meal. The breakfasts were exquisite with poached egg on portobello mushrooms to spectacular Portuguese sausage and Spanish omelets.

Matt encouraged us, with little bit of a nudge, to try things that we were a little apprehensive to do but we're so thankful that he did.

The Virgin Islands were way beyond our expectations. Matt knows his stuff when it comes to balancing each day with as much as you could possibly do and yet fully enjoying each moment.

This was a bucket list trip but because Dana and Matt made it beyond our expectations we have high hopes to repeat this vacation. We are fortunate to be youthful in our late 50s and 60s and this trip reconfirmed that we want to continue to push and enjoy this part of life.

Robert H, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, May 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Split Second was spotless, the flybridge upper deck was our favorite hangout.

Jack and Jaimey are a phenomenal team. The itinerary was perfect and they made it fun.

As a former restaurant owner, with 35 years in the industry, I would have hired Jamie in a heart beat but I know I could never match the view she has from her kitchen. She is talented, precise, and her food presentation is out of a magazine, while ALL being made from scratch, right down to the hamburger buns. The seasoning flavors and textures, are unbelievable, especially for a self trained chef, and she is also a dam good sailor. There are only 2 words; 5 star.

Thanks for all your help arranging the charter, it was a wonderful vacation. If I can ever stop talking about it, I will most likely be booking again, and will certainly refer, Sailing Directions.

Jack W, aboard Catamaran Split Second, April 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Byron and Dianne were a delightful to spend a week with. Byron was very knowledgeable and glad to share his knowledge. I honestly don’t know what they could have done to make our trip any better.

The boat was kept very clean and they ran the air every night. It is a very solid boat.

The food was out of this world. My family did not even want to go to shore for dinner. Dianne is a very talented cook. Everything was fresh and healthy.

We enjoyed the Virgin Islands very much. There was just enough sailing and activities and the weather was perfect.

We found Sailing Directions’ very detailed website helpful in deciding which boat and where to go.

Ladson B, aboard Catamaran Sea Chateau, April 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Our time aboard Steppin Up with Bill and Michelle was perfect! We’ve sailed on crewed charter at least a dozen times, all over the Caribbean, and this was undoubtedly our best crew. They were welcoming, gracious, fun, funny, helpful, professional, everything you could ever ask for in a charter crew.

The food was delicious, the boat clean, well ventilated, temperature perfect, and in good working order.

We were concerned that we might notice a reduction in activity in the Virgin Islands due to hurricane damage however Bill and Michelle took us so many wonderful places that we never missed some of our old standbys. I would sail with them again, no question.

Sailing Directions, John, was also most helpful during the selection process. Thanks for all!

Kriss H, aboard Catamaran Steppin Up, April 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Tyler and Erika were both great. They both showed extensive knowledge and we were always sure we were safe and well cared for. Professionally, they were spot on.

But what really was terrific about both Tyler and Erika was how they personally invested themselves into sharing their local knowledge and other skills to help our family have the best trip possible. Whether it was the cooking, or the scuba training, or the ushering us around the great spots they suggested- they made sure we had a fantastic trip. Perfect.

The boat was great- very clean, and very comfortable. I loved sleeping outside under the stars (with my daughter) a couple nights, and the dinghy made getting out and about an easy experience.

The food was fantastic, it was expertly prepared and a lot of obvious thought put into matching our tastes.

We loved the (active) itinerary that we enjoyed, and the destinations were special and fun. Tyler and Erika obviously listened to what we thought made sense, and then made sure our stops fit in the most entertainment possible.

David Y, aboard Catamaran Free Ingwe, April 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Dan & Alli were exceptional! We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this vacation. We could not ask for a better crew.

Kelea was so spacious and clean at all times. If you could clone Alli and Dan every charter would be filled at all times. They are truly a gem!

The food was Spectacular! Alli is so talented. Every meal was well presented. We were treated like Kings and Queens! I want to take Alli home.

Dan was so knowledgeable about every area we travelled and gave us a lot of history about each island we visited.

No improvements needed at all! It was a trip of a lifetime! We will be back on Kelea soon! I will highly recommend to all friends and family!

Paula J, aboard Catamaran Kelea, April 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

John & Alyse were wonderful! I don’t think either of them sat down, ate or slept while we were on board. They were either busy preparing meals, sailing, taking us out on excursions or cleaning up from the assortment of activities that took place.

The accommodations were very nice - comfortable and clean. it was always a treat to come down after breakfast to a made-up bed and usually to finding our items hung out to dry folded for us on the kitchen table.

The itinerary was great and we got a good amount of time spent sailing and doing land excursions.

Kimberly M, aboard Catamaran Sweetest Thing, April 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Brad and Shana were great, would recommend them. Delphine just came from having work done and you could tell. Very clean and updated! Shana did great with the food! Even the boys ate a ton and they’re picky! She really worked hard at accommodating all. The food was great. Brad went out of his way to show all a good time.

Tony E, aboard Catamaran Delphine, March 2018  sailing the Bahamas

We had a wonderful cruise with Matt and Dana (standing in for Casey). They were incredibly responsive to any request and took us to spots that they somehow knew would delight us. We had some concerns about the boat and the Islands after the hurricanes. John kept us informed all along the way as more information became available about the islands, our boat, and general conditions. We found everywhere to be safe, comfortable, beautiful, and welcoming. Dana did a wonderful job preparing our meals. One in our group has celiac disease and creating gluten free meals was no problem for her. The cabins were very comfortable and clean. There were ample water toys and sports for every ability. It was our first experience chartering and cruising in the BVI's and we can't wait to go again. A 5 star experience!

Margie E, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Jacek & Maya were one of the highlights of our charter vacation. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.

The Loveboat was comfortable. It was clean and well ventilated. The yacht had several water toys and other entertainment equipment all in good and working order which made the boat fun.

The food was very enjoyable and well presented. With options for adults and kids as requested.

Different areas with different experiences made getting to know the USVI and BVI interesting and enjoyable.

Bernardo C, aboard Catamaran Loveboat, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had an amazing time. Adam and Jen were exceptional - super friendly, attentive, and very accommodating. They made sure my family and I had the best time.

Rubicon was clean and well-ventilated; beds were okay in terms of comfort. We loved hanging out on the back part of the Rubicon and also the front on the trampoline.

For the most part food was delicious. My sons are picky eaters so Jen did a good job of making things for them that they would eat. They really liked the chocolate pancakes and gluten free biscuits.

Our sailing itinerary was perfect! Adam took us around to some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and made sure the boys were engaged early in the day to keep them busy; he also did a great job of finding good places to go spear-fishing as that was the highlight of the trip for my husband.

We had the best time sailing the Exumas on the Rubicon - the trip exceeded our expectations. We will definitely remember this trip as it has made a lasting impression on my sons - they loved every minute of it! Captain Adam the best - he was great with the kids - couldn't have asked for a better captain!

Kristen L, aboard Catamaran Rubicon, March 2018  sailing the Bahamas

Britta and Joseph were fantastic!! Friendly, professional, very skilled and knowledgeable regarding the boat and the cruising area. The food, as well as the entire experience, was fantastic!

The boat was perfect for our family! We really enjoyed sharing meals on the aft deck. The food was OUTSTANDING!

We loved the BVIs we were totally open to going to any ports that provided quiet, calm waters and nice views. We enjoyed every anchorage!

We had a good experience with Sailing Directions. When we were worried about the area after the hurricanes, we appreciated being able to talk to our captain to address our questions and concerns. The website was thorough and helpful. Easy to use.

Our vacation to the BVIs was the best family trip we have ever taken. Being on the yacht allowed us to share every day, every activity and every meal and every sunset together as a family. We especially enjoyed discovery diving together!

Christine M, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Captain Andrew and Michaela were terrific. They made this trip very special. They worked really hard to make everything work, always with a smile on their faces. Michaela cooked 3 excellent meals everyday - a lot of work! And they were always paying attention to the smallest of details. I can't stress how happy we were with them. I hope our paths cross again.

Flip Flop was in good condition, clean, all systems working properly.

Capt. Andrew made sure we hit all the spots we wanted to go, suggested great off-the-beaten-paths and interesting hikes.

With Sailing Directions, communication was easy, handling of documentation effective. We referred a friend.

Cristiano L, aboard Catamaran Flip Flop, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

They were fantastic. Jamie loves to sail, and we spent more time actually sailing from location to location than we did on any previous charter. He and Susannah worked well together managing the boat - setting sail, anchoring, etc. Susannah is a good chef - very thoughtful and conscientious about following our preference sheet. From an interpersonal perspective, they were really great. We enjoyed all of our time together – us, and our boys who are close in age to Jamie and Sue. Jamie is super adventurous – he was a good dive guide, took the boys surfing, wakeboarding, etc. He was up for anything! Sue spent more time on the boat, but was also a lot of fun (lots of laughs playing Uno with us at night). We would definitely sail with them again.

All the main cabins were great. I loved that there was a dedicated shower in each room. The master suite was especially spacious. The boat was clean and in perfect condition.

Sue did a great job matching our meals to the preference sheet. It was all tasty and professionally presented. Lots of style and flare!

For the itinerary, we were given options every night and decided based on what we wanted to do and what the conditions were expected to be like.

Sailing Directions make it really easy to find a boat, and your knowledge of the boats/crews helps make a good decision after narrowing down the choices.

Stephen S, aboard Catamaran Island Hoppin, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Jack & Jaimey were excellent! They were delightful - looked after our every need and were a joy to be around. Jaimey offered hiking/running suggestions to our son/daughter and Jack amused us with his many tales.

Split Second was very comfortable, clean and the AC was good when required. Fave aspect was the fly bridge.

Food was excellent and always superbly presented. Jaimey satisfied all our needs and always had the hot sauce on the table - as some of us like spicy food! The food was so good, we asked for many of Jaimey’s recipes.

The itinerary was perfect for us and, even though the weather (north swell) wasn’t always kind, we managed to sail to bays we had never visited before.

Always happy with Sailing Directions’ service - can’t think of anything you can improve.

This was our second charter on Split Second and our second visit to the BVIs - we fell in love with the crew and the islands.

Mary W, aboard Catamaran Split Second, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Brand, Jayde and Louise were truly the perfect crew for our group. Their level of professional hospitality they provided was unbelievable. This trip exceeded our expectations.

Brand was able to navigate the USVI and BVI taking us to amazing areas based on the weather ( changing winds), our needs and activity desires. He quickly bonded with our 5 boys and was a constant source of entertainment: Scuba, wakeboard, subwing, tubing, fishing,and just doing flips off the boat with the kids. He makes some great drinks as well. Also full of worldly lnowl;edge and always a pleasure to talk with

Jayde- what an amazing chef! how she makes beyond restaurant quality meals in a 6 x 10 kitchen is unbelievable. She adapted to our groups needs and requests. She always had a smile on her face and was simply a pleasure to be around. She is the Seahome "glue" for sure

Louise- she took care of so many things behind the scenes they cant be counted. From keeping our rooms comfortable, to filling in gaps with the kids playing games, snorkeling, and packing snacks for a beach trip, etc AND we cant forget those unbelievable desserts and making sure drinks were always filled.

The crew worked so well together in perfect harmony. Our request list was 100% met, food was amazing, and we had fun from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to bed. Seahome was in immaculate condition and easily accommodated our group of 9. We never felt crowded.

John at Sailing Directions was always available to answer our questions and guided us through the charter process since this was our first time. Great customer service

Brian J, aboard Catamaran Seahome, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We were a group of three couples for 7 nights on the Island R and R Catamaran “Leopard 46” with crew Matt and Casey. They simply delighted us from start to finish with a well-rounded tour of so many delightful bays, beaches, bars and daily activities of hiking, snorkeling and site seeing. Their flexibility and range of options made for a truly wonderful trip. We were always in awe of what was offered in both the British and US Virgin Islands. The onboard hospitality, food and drink was truly 5 star.

Matt and Casey were in touch with us prior to arriving in St Thomas, very helpful with getting us from our hotel to the boat. Met us with open arms at the Dive Bar prior to boarding. A great option to “overnight” with Casey and Matt before we sailed. We all got to know each other, we got to settle in, and it allowed us to get a great early start on the first day. They had great and extensive knowledge of all the sites along the way. They were very helpful in giving us a range of options and choices for things to do, places to visit and sites to see. Extremely helpful and flexible in planning out each and every day.

Island R&R was clean and comfortable. The front bean bags were a great option. The dining area at the back was also one of our favourites for breakfast lunch and dinner. Of course we must give special mention to Darnell the Duck for floating on. Snorkeling equipment in great form. The floating “mat” was also a great place to lolly gag when tied up.

Oh my, the food! Casey and Matt did an extraordinary job. Case did handle the bulk of cuisine but Matt assisted on many occasions. Casey had us totally delighted and the dietary customization made our one “non seafood fan” very happy. Some terrific creations. We’ve asked for recipes.

The itinerary was awesome. It was really great to start off with a quick sail and then a snorkel for us all to get comfortable with the boat, as well as the crew. A special treat was Pizza Py in the first bay we visited before sailing on for a few hours that afternoon.

Great service from Sailing Directions - always straight forward - informative. The website is clean, informative, straight forward.

Ferg D, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Ryan and Jill were fantastic. Ryan is an excellent captain and Jill is equally good as a chef. They spoiled us. They are also very patient, answered all of our questions and were fun to hang out with.

We enjoyed the owners-version suite which was quite spacious. We really enjoyed sitting on the back part of the boat reading and watching the beautiful scenery as we sailed by.

The food was excellent. Jill’s presentations were beautiful. We experienced a new area to spend the night every day. They were all fun and scenic. Very happy with all aspects of the trip. We are certain that we will do this again one day.

Russ K, aboard Catamaran White House, March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a great time! The boat was amazing! We loved the champagne deck. 5 star gourmet food and presentation. Sarah accommodated all dietary needs.

I was very happy with your service. I’d definitely recommend you!

Jeannie d, aboard Catamaran Altesse, February 2018  sailing the British Virgin Islands

I don't think it would be possible for a crew to be more friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating.

Flip Flop was indeed comfortable, clean, and well ventilated - Andrew and Michaela cleaned constantly and were quick to respond to any request. I believe that the interaction with the crew may have been everyone's favorite part of the trip.

The food was exceptional, and the menu adjusted to allow for one gluten-free and one fish-free diet. The presentation was as nice as any fine dining restaurant I have been to.

Captain Andrew did a great job. He adjusted the original itinerary to make appropriate allowance for weather and the desire of the group to spend time on beaches.

It was a great experience for all.

Patrick R, aboard Catamaran Flip Flop, February 2018  sailing the British Virgin Islands

The crew was amazing. Very friendly, attentive and accommodating. Amanda too! By the end of the charter, we all considered them friends.

The Lir was comfortable, clean and well ventilated. We all slept very well! Favorite aspect? All the various places to sit and take in the amazing view. Also the fact that it was equipped with snorkel gear, a kayak, water skis, and stand up paddle boards. We used them all!

The food was amazing and we all appreciated that it was healthy too! Vanessa did a great job of taking 8 different likes and preferences and folding them all into a delicious meal.

Martha D, aboard Catamaran Lir, February 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a great trip. Jim and Amanda were fantastic! Jim did an excellent job getting us around the islands in a safe and comfortable manner. He was flexible about our weekly plans and sat with us every morning to plan the day. Amanda was pleasant, professional and amazingly efficient. Their knowledge of the islands was invaluable in helping us plan our week. Additionally, they were just fun to be around. We would sail with them again.

Copper Penny was an excellent craft that has been extremely well maintained and clean. The cabins were comfortable and spacious. Our favorite aspect of the yacht was the fly bridge. We spent a good bit of time up there having cocktails and enjoying the view.

The food was excellent. Well plated, good portions and very tasty. The chef followed what was on our preference sheet.

This is the second time I’ve used Sailing Directions and every aspect of the transaction has been very professional.

Tarek B, aboard Catamaran Copper Penny, February 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

The trip was awesome. Thank you for suggesting a crew that was experienced and knowledgeable of the area as that was important to us. The captain and chef were accommodating to all our needs and wants.

This was my fourth trip to BVI aboard a chartered, crewed catamaran and I can, without hesitation say our chef, Risa was the best. Her presentation and quality of food was fabulous. Everyone agreed she was over the top. We all wanted to bring her home with us.

You did a great job of hooking us up with a great crew and outstanding boat, the Neverland experience was The Best!

Beverly L, aboard Catamaran Neverland, January 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

It couldn't have been better!

The crew were extremely professional, as well as top notch for friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. We never lacked for anything, nor attention. Keith showed his master sailing and boatmanship skills and was the perfect host, bartender and grillmaster. AJ seemed to be everywhere - boat crew, chef, dive instructor. Both were extremely friendly, interested in us and interesting to us. Amount of interaction we had was just right.

Pegasus is clean and well organized. Everything had a place, was kept clean and organized. Favorite parts were the flybridge, bean bag chairs forward, and overall spaciousness. Lots of toys, although we didn't use them a lot, they were there if we wanted them.

Food was delicious, varied, very professionally presented and catered to a couple of minor dietary issues. AJ's restaurant background certainly showed through. Quantities were excellent, food was tasty, varied, top quality and met our preferences of being light. Every meal was a treat, including breakfast. Afternoon appetizers were delicious and welcome.

Our itinerary combined snorkeling areas, open water dive certification for my son, sailing, some land excursions, and restaurant and bar excursions. We were busy, well entertained. AJ showed her skill and passion for diving as a dive instructor.

Sailing Directions’ service was great. Website is excellent, one of the main reasons I ended up booking through Sailing Directions.

Doug S, aboard Catamaran Pegasus, January 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a phenomenal trip this week. I cannot say enough good things about marcus and risa. It was very evident that they are the best crew on the water based on their interactions with the locals as well as other crews. More importantly, we thoroughly enjoyed their company and had a hard time saying goodbye to our new friends.

Marcus & Risa were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. Their knowledge of the islands and the boat ensured that we had an incredible experience. Their personalities were a tremendous fit for our group we left with wonderful new friends. It is clear that all of the locals know and love Marcus & Risa which was evident by how everyone greeted them upon arrival. They are both experts at their craft and are a ton of fun to be around.

Neverland was immaculate and certainly appeared to be one of (if not the) best catamaran we saw during our trip. Our favorite aspects were having cocktails on the upper deck particularly during a late afternoon sail. The rooms were very comfortable and the dining area had plenty of space for us to spread out, relax and have fun. We enjoyed all of the toys on board including the swinging chairs, rafts, paddle boards and wakeboard.

Risa is simply amazing. Every single meal was absolutely delicious and presented creatively and beautifully. Risa customized the menu to our preferences while maintaining her unique style. She seems very passionate about cooking which makes her food all the more enjoyable.

Marcus charted the perfect itinerary that enabled us to enjoy the different islands based on our personality while also factoring in wind/weather to ensure that we had great sailing conditions. If we had to pick a favorite, Anegada was our favorite stop along the way.

John lane was a pleasure to work with. He was patient with us and very helpful as we went back and forth over various boats. Marcus & Risa were the perfect fit for us which really added so much enjoyment to our trip. We have several friends who have been considering the trip but have been a little scared to pull the trigger after seeing the damage caused by the storms. Hopefully, our experience will help more come and enjoy the BVIs.

Scott L, aboard Catamaran Neverland, January 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a fantastic trip. Matt and Casey were awesome and a perfect fit for us.

Ted O, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, January 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Jill and Ryan were FANTASTIC! We have chartered many times and our whole group enjoyed everything they did, couldn't be more accommodating. Great Crew.

We have chartered Lagoon 50s before, Whitehouse is exceptionally well maintained and equipped. Great Boat

Jill got everything we wanted and requested. The food was too good, I gained 10 lbs. Again, The meals were great, they always offered snacks etc.

We had a great trip, perfect New Years at Anegada at a restaurant they suggested. The hurricane damage was not apparent in our trip, the islands are green, the water is blue and all is beautiful.. unless you look for damage.

Sailing Directions and John Lane were extremely professional and very attentive to accommodate us in sorting through the complications the hurricanes presented, Well done!

I like your website the best as far as crewed charter sites go because you post real pictures of boats the you took, not promotional stuff that could be out of date. I would refer you anytime and will use you in the future.

Ray L, aboard Catamaran White House, January 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had an amazing trip! The crew did a wonderful job. They were very good at meeting everyone's needs and ensuring we enjoyed ourselves. There was a good balance of giving suggestions/recommendations and letting us make decisions of what/when to do various activities. Nikki did great job of taking us on incredible dives and making sure everyone was comfortable. The crew was very friendly, easy to talk with, and a lot of fun to be around.

The Lady J was very comfortable. We loved all aspects of the yacht. It was great that there was plenty of room to spread out and have your own space, but the areas were also all large enough for the entire family to be together without feeling crowded. The cleanliness was beyond excellent.

The food was listed as the favorite part of the trip by many of the family members. It was very impressive how James accommodated everyone's various dietary needs (not an easy task) and food preferences at every meal. Everyone wanted to see if they could pack James up and take him home with them. The table settings and food presentation were also a treat to see at each meal.

The itinerary worked out really well. Flying in and out of St. Thomas was easy and the various anchor locations were absolutely beautiful.

I was very happy with Sailing Directions' service. John was very attentive and a great help with answering our questions along the way, especially since this was our first charter experience. I would highly recommend Sailing Directions to others interested in doing a charter. The website information, ease of use, and quick response are all reasons why I chose to book through Sailing Directions.

I cannot think of anything that could have made our experience more perfect. For a group of 10 family members with a wide range of ages and interests, the crew did an excellent job. Everyone had such a great time they are all eager to do it again.

Heather H, aboard Power Yacht Lady J, January 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands

Joseph and Britta exceeded our expectations in every way. They are so warm and kind, love the Virgin Islands and know the area well, noticed our tastes in music and food and catered to them. Britta is just magical in all she gets done: first mate, housekeeper, sous chef, dive master, bar tender, server. She is very perceptive to individual needs/preferences of people. She is a lovely person and we all enjoyed getting to know her and her sweet little dog, Zoie. When I woke up and entered the salon each morning, I was immediately greeted with a fresh hot cup of coffee, and the aroma of fresh baked goods. Britta was extremely patient with all the divers in our group, and made sure all learned successfully and had a quality experience SCUBA diving.

Joseph's culinary expertise cannot be overstated! We were blown away with every meal! Delicious and beautifully presented food, expertly prepared, and scrumptious desserts. It was like dining at a 5-star restaurant all week. In a magically beautiful setting. He patiently talked with the foodie wanna-be chefs in our group regarding techniques and his culinary experiences. Joseph made recommendations each evening for the following day's sailing plan based on conditions and the desired activities of the group. Dive sites were good choices for the novice divers and snorkelers.

Our favorite aspect of the yacht was lounging on the bow in bean bag chairs, and laying out on the netting while cruising to our next anchorage. Dining al fresco in the stern area was delightful.

The food was outstanding. Thoughtfully and expertly prepared, beautifully presented. Joseph always accommodated the one non-seafood eater in our group and even helped Steve catch and then prepared a lobster (2!).

A wonderful Caribbean Catamaran Christmas! We were a little nervous as to how the experience would be post-hurricanes Irma and Maria. It's clear there is much rebuilding to be done, more boats to be recovered, and damaged areas to be restored. But the overall beauty of the Virgin Islands is undeniable.

Steve C, aboard Catamaran Dianna Rose, December 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

How do I even begin to tell you how wonderful our vacation was from the moment we met Luke, Erin, and Cassie on the dock until we left them while all of us hugged and shed a few tears? It was an amazing adventure for each of us.

The crew were the perfect crew for us, including their recent addition Cassie. They accommodated each of us, from the very active 7 year old to the 74 year old with knee problems requiring extra help occasionally.

Dreamsong is a beautiful yacht and perfectly suited to our situation. We especially enjoyed the aft deck when we needed to get out of the sun and the flybridge deck when we were on the move. Luke was great to point out sights along the way and where we were in the islands while Erin and Cassie kept our drinks coming.

Erin is an excellent chef and prepared delicious meals, appetizers, and desserts for us. Of course it was beautifully presented as well.

Captain Luke helped tailor our itinerary to include quiet coves, which we loved, and extraordinary places we had not seen on previous trips to the area. We were anchored in a way that allowed for us to see stunning sunrises and sunsets, a favorite of our group. The snorkeling was excellent, and he put us on beaches we could all enjoy together.

Sailing Directions' service was excellent. We were well matched with Dreamsong and always well informed as the process moved along.

We would return to you and Dreamsong with this crew and will recommend Dreamsong to any friends who may consider a yacht vacation in the future.

Bonnie V, aboard Catamaran Dreamsong, December 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

We had a fantastic time. It was a trip of a lifetime and we are well traveled.

The food was spectacular. Many meals were among the best we have ever enjoyed.

Our favorite aspect of the yacht was the upper deck.

We saw and did everything we had hoped.

Gene B, aboard Catamaran Tobarths, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Harvey and Marley were more than we could have asked for as a crew. The boat was very well maintained and very clean. The team provided outstanding hospitality that was second to none. They insured we had a safe and fun filled trip on the Ma Ha. We will be recommending this boat and crew to our friends and family. Truly outstanding! Rich and Sherry.

What a wonderful week! It exceeded our expectations by a mile. The beauty of the islands, beaches and coves are indescribable. Total relaxation in these very comfortable quarters with three other couples from Atlanta. All of this could not have been this is fantastic had it not been for our great hosts. Harvey - captaining the ship and making us feel at home and safe, Marley - her cooking and thoughtful menus and appetizers were perfect. This vacation we will never forget! Carlos and Deanna.

There are not adequate words to say how much we enjoyed our trip with you guys. You took spectacular views and wonderful friends and made them all the better! We have loved our time on the Ma Ha and we will be back! Kelly and Carlos.

We flew down from Atlanta with some very high expectations. Both of you exceeded them all. It was an amazing trip! Great itinerary! First-class service. We had everything we needed and more. Diane and I will recommend this to everyone. Tom and Diane.

Carlos C, aboard Catamaran Ma Ha, July 2017  sailing the British Virgin Islands

Matt and Casey were wonderful. We couldn't have picked a better crew to be a part of our vacation. Our entire group would all agree that this was the best vacation we have ever had. I can't imagine going on another charter without Matt & Casey!

We enjoyed the Island R&R greatly. We found it clean, comfortable and well ventilated. The beds were very comfortable, and the a/c at night was wonderful. I am not sure if there was anything in particular that would be a favorite aspect as we were 110% satisfied the Island R&R. The accommodations were great, the water toys were great ( and the sling shot was really great ! ).

Casey did an outstanding job with our meals, everything was well presented and delicious. Casey took very good care of us for all the meals, snacks, appetizers and desserts. Not to mention the beautiful view you get to enjoy at every meal !

Our itinerary fit what we were looking for perfectly. We talked a bit about a few stops we wanted to make and left the rest to Matt. Matt did a great job guiding us to places that fit exactly what we were looking for. We were even fortunate enough to have some dolphins join us one day while we were in the water which was one of the high lights of the trip ! ( of which there were many )

Cant say enough how much we enjoyed spending time with Matt and Casey, I fact as we tell others about our trip, we all consider them part of the Family.

Kevin M, aboard Catamaran Island R&R, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Cliff & Christian were both wonderful! They were both super friendly and always accommodating to whatever it is any of us wanted or wanted to do. We can't imagine what it will be like to do another charter without them!

Cliff had nonstop energy and fun for all of the kids all of the time. Taking them tubing to their hearts content or just on dinghy rides if that's what they rather do. He even played War and Go Fish with the boys one night! He was happy the entire time to show us every bit of the BVI and whatever we wanted to see.

Christian's food was great and she was able to please not only the adults with our meals, but also four very picky kids! Everything was fresh, healthy and delicious! She even surprised my husband and I with a bottle of champagne packed in a backpack one afternoon when we went off to enjoy just sitting on a deserted beach while the kids were tubing.

Stop Work Order was perfect!! Clean, clean, clean, spacious and super comfortable. There was plenty of room for everyone without ever feeling like we were on top of each other. The air conditioning was cold, the beds were comfortable, the sheets were nice and all of the outdoor areas were wonderful. We loved the cockpit in the back and the flybridge on top! The girls ended up claiming The front seating area near the trampolines as their favorite spot on the boat. The blue underwater lights at night were great for Tarpon feeding.

Everything was great and seamlessly planned with Sailing Directions. The easiest vacation I have ever planned.

We all agreed this was the best vacation and can't wait to do it again!

Beth S, aboard Catamaran Stop Work Order, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Spending a week sailing with Rich and Lisa was a fantastic experience. Without a doubt, it was the best trip my family has taken together, ever.

Sabore is immaculate with great space and comfortably accommodated my family of eight.

The food was unbelievable gourmet and abundant in proportions.

Lisa was most hospitable and organized which enhanced the efficiency of the trip. She took care of our every need.

Rich knows the waters and quiet anchoring spots to avoid the crowds. The water sports were cool and the diving and snorkeling fantastic.

John Lane at Sailing Directions was professional and well organized. He responded immediately to my questions about logistics. Most importantly, he identified a wonderful boat and crew.

Bottom line- Lisa and Rich are two wonderful people who will provide your family or friends a great experience.

Fred M, aboard Catamaran Sabore, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Everything was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! We loved every minute of it! Cliff and Christian were perfect. The food was all healthy and delicious and she managed to satisfy even my very picky kids. Cliff was basically a camp counselor with the kids, taking them tubing umpteen times or even just for dinghy rides.

Stop Work Order was beautiful, clean, comfortable, and had so much room for everyone! The yacht had everything each one of us needed. AC (with individual thermostat controls in each room) was cold and on all the time. It also has a great water maker so everyone was able to take long, hot showers whenever we wanted.

It was perfect! I would recommend the boat, the crew and the itinerary to anyone, without hesitation. Just wanted to let you know that I have said it was the best vacation ever!<

Beth S, aboard Catamaran Stop Work Order, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Noam and Dalit were wonderful. We have been on several guided trips (non-sailing), so our expectations were high, and they exceeded our expectations. They kept us engaged from morning until night. Very friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating.

Alive was like a floating hotel. Our favorite aspect was the fact that we could enjoy group time in various spots on the yacht and then retreat to our spacious bedroom / bathroom.

Dalit is an amazing cook. Every meal was delicious. She definitely customized the menu to meet our needs.

The itinerary was perfect for our group ranging in age from 17 to 57. There was something for everyone every day.

Very satisfied Sailing Directions' service.

Kathy P, aboard Catamaran Alive, July 2017  sailing the British Virgin Islands

Gareth & Kristine were friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. They were always available and nearby and frequently checking on us to see if we needed a drink, snack, something carried, wanted to do an activity, etc., but they were never intrusive. Very professional and organized. I was extremely impressed with their ability to give us a plan but then be totally responsive if they sensed that we wanted to modify that plan. They simply could not have done a better job.

The food was a 10 out of 10. Every meal could have stood its ground in the world’s best restaurants. Everything from how the table was set, to the plating, to the quality of the ingredients, to the use of spices, to the variety between meals, was impeccable. Everyone raved about it and we had no desire to leave the boat for meals elsewhere because of this.

The boat was spotless, comfortable and well-ventilated. The air conditioning in the staterooms was very capable as well so we always were comfortable temperature-wise. They cleaned the staterooms frequently while we were dining or doing activities but I never saw them doing this nor had it interrupt our flow. Everything on the yacht was in good working order, shining and beautiful. The best part of the yacht was the high-end finishes and spacious areas.

Sailing Directions' service was also flawless. Great crew. Great boat. Overwhelming smooth and positive experience.

William W, aboard Catamaran Xenia 74, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

This trip has been absolutely amazing. Chris and Nikki are phenomenal! Everything was done to perfection. Can't say enough good things about our experience.

Chris and Nikki were amazing! We truly enjoyed our time spent with them. Their (Chris, Nikki & Lulu) presence and attention to detail made the trip perfect.

Quest was comfortable and well maintained. We really enjoyed the trampolines and the U-shaped couch in the aft. Many naps were enjoyed on both.

Nikki's food creations were beyond our expectations. We were never hungry. Her love for cooking was evident in her dish presentations and the deliciousness of the food.

The itinerary was perfect! We had ample time in each location. Chris was always willing to take us to shore to explore the local culture.

This was the best vacation we have ever had.

Jason C, aboard Catamaran Quest, July 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Mark & Sally were fantastic. Really enjoyed their company. Great in every way. Viking Dream was great. Loved the table/meals area, really comfortable. The food was fantastic. It exceeded our expectations! Loved the islands and places we saw. The service was the most surprising thing - we had never had such great service. Even when we got off the yacht and went to do an island trip, Mark had every detail planned and every taxi driver set up. Really excellent service! Love to do it again in the future.

Kathleen K, aboard Catamaran Viking Dream, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

The trip was wonderful! Captain Brand, Jayde and Weezie were friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. Especially to our granddaughters. The crew made it a very memorable trip for the girls. Just what I had hoped for.

The Seahome was clean and very comfortable. The upstairs deck was a great place to read or sun or visit. We all gained weight because Jayde and Weezie did such a great job planning, preparing and serving the food. They catered to the girls wishes.

We saw all the islands and places we had planned on and even got to swim with the nurse sharks on Anegada. We could not have asked for anything more. I cannot say enough nice things about the crew and the boat.

Thanks for all your help. Sailing Directions was a great help in keeping us informed.

Sally W, aboard Catamaran Seahome, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Marcus and Risa were fantastic, accommodating in every way. Marcus had us anchored or moored in the most picturesque bays in the BVI. Risa had us eating and drinking like royalty. Never have I had an experience as relaxing as this. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without those two guiding our experience.

Loved everything about the Neverland, the setup of the boat was superb, and everything was clean and in its place.

Risa exceeded all expectations, and as others have said before the only pitfall was taking a night off to go to a restaurant ashore; Risa wins hands down.

Couldn’t have asked for a better itinerary, we loved every second of it.

John , you made this very easy for a first time charterer, thank you for all the guidance and direction. I was able to accomplish all tasks needed to secure the charter through the website.

Brian H, aboard Catamaran Neverland, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Darrin & Desire were awesome! Darrin was the best Captain ever and he knows his islands. He took us to a few out of the way sites that were wonderful and appreciated. Desire is an amazing chef and kept our bellies happy! Everything she created was delightful and yummy. We adored them so much.

Mimzy is beautiful and plenty of room for the four of us. This was a first time experience for all of us and it was perfect.

Our Virgin Island itinerary was amazing and everything we had hoped for. We can't wait to experience this again. Darrin went over everything with us and asked our opinions and accommodated everything we requested but he also had suggestions that were perfect!

Very happy with Sailing Directions’ service. The response time was always immediate and all my questions were always answered. We will definitely use your service again in the future and have already recommended to several friends.

This was a bucket list of ours for years and was everything we hoped it would be. We are saving up for next year!

Tacy C, aboard Catamaran Mimzy, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

The entire charter experience was great. The crew were great, the boat was great, and we would look to you guys again should we do another charter. Thanks.

Ken H, aboard Catamaran London Sky, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

The trip for all of us was 10/10!

The crew of Ed and Kat were so friendly to our family. We never felt that we were bothering them if we need something. They engaged us throughout the trip in conversation that was really enjoyable.

The ship was in great shape and just enough space for everyone. The favorite spot for the family was at the front sitting on the seats at the tip of each bow as it sailed.

the food was great and Kat did an A1 job on the girls that were eating gluten and dairy free. The grilled meals by Ed were great. Trying the new seafood was awesome for us all.

The sailing destinations were great and the itinerary flowed well for us. Moving to a new place each day was a great adventure each time. I appreciated Ed and Kat guiding us about what to expect getting off the ship with taxis, places to see and eat at, or views to make sure we saw.

Sailing directions was very helpful in the planning of this trip and the website is good.

We would love to sail again in the future. Our family cannot stop telling others about how great the trip was for us all.

Jerome G, aboard Catamaran Ultimalife, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

The trip was awesome. Lindsey and Magnus were an excellent crew. The itinerary was perfect.

Hypnautic was in excellent shape and has great AC. The best part of the yacht is the honeymoon cabin that uses one whole wing of the catamaran.

The food was awesome. Lindsey is an outstanding chef. By far the best we have eaten on any vacation.

The reason we booked through Sailing Direction is John responded to our request almost immediately. We did not hear from the other charter company we contacted first. The booking process was smooth and the website has all the key information.

Westin B, aboard Catamaran Hypnautic, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Everything was AWESOME! LOVED Matt & Kendra and the boat/trip couldn’t have been better.

Anna A, aboard Catamaran Zephyr, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Matt & Kendra welcomed us like old friends from the minute we stepped on board - they were fabulous! We were eager to get away from the harbor and they understood completely. Within minutes of stepping on board, we were off. Since we didn’t arrive until 4pm we didn’t go very far but Matt had a perfect spot picked out with fabulous snorkeling and a private cove for the evening.

Not only were they accommodating to our every need and request, but they came up with fabulous ideas that made every day an adventure. We enjoyed spectacular cocktails every evening on the upper deck in the beautiful setting of the BVIs.

Every day Matt seemed to bring out a new “toy” that not only the “kids” (ages 19-21) were eager to engage in but the adults tried a few as well. As our kids wrote in the Zephyr book when we left ”it’s not always about where you go, but who you go with - Matt & Kendra became family”.

The Zephyr was spectacular. Every inch of the boat was constructed so efficiently and seemed far more spacious than its 50 feet. The beds were extremely comfortable and Kendra spoiled us all by cleaning our rooms every day and even changing sheets and towels midway through. There is always a little noise from the generator but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. It’s hard to pick a favorite aspect of the boat but I think we all spent the most amount of time on the upper deck which was wonderful to be on anytime of the day. We all enjoy our coffee in the morning and the boat had some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Sipping that on the upper deck in the quiet of the morning was priceless!

I’m not sure Kendra ever slept, she was always busy preparing the next meal or making the kitchen spotless - she worked so hard! She spoiled us all with her cooking.

We talked extensively with Matt about the itinerary and I would not have changed anything. He understood what we wanted and what we had seen in the past and made fabulous suggestions on where to go next - So happy we made it to Anegada, especially because we got to spend the day together with Matt & Kendra!

John Lane at Sailing Directions seemed to be waiting on the other end every time I sent an email - the service was top notch!

Anna A, aboard Catamaran Zephyr, June 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

Blossom was absolutely perfect! We loved everything about the yacht. The food exceeded our expectations. Byron & Molly went above and beyond with everything. The itinerary was a great combination of everything we ask for.

Randy K, aboard Catamaran Blossom, May 2017  sailing the Virgin Islands

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