Holiday week Crewed Yacht Charters in the Virgin Islands

Holidays in order of popularity for charter vacations and how early you'll need to book:

Holiday When to book
New Years (Premium week) 11 to 12 months prior
Spring Break (March and early April) 10 to 11 months prior
Easter and President's Day 10 months prior
Christmas (Premium week) 8 to 10 months prior (or 12 months if you'd like an end date after 26 December)
Thanksgiving 6 to 8 months prior

Chartering a yacht over these holiday weeks is a great chance to get friends and family together away from the cold northern winter to enjoy the tropical weather, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and blue skies of the Caribbean while taking only a few days out of the office or away from school.

Due to the popularity of chartering a crewed yacht in the Caribbean over these holidays the best yachts tend to be booked very early, especially over New Years (which will affect Christmas week availability also) and Spring Break weeks. For these weeks it is best to book 12 to 14 months in advance so you'll have a range of great charter boats and crews to choose from.

Note that New Years week and Christmas week charters are considered premium weeks with higher pricing. Please contact us for pricing on any particular yacht for these weeks.

To view current yacht availability for your planned travel dates you can run an availability search or contact us now for available yachts that fit your budget and specifications!

Holiday Caribbean Yacht Charter - Christmas, New Year, Spring Break

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