Your crew plays an important role in a crewed yacht charter vacation

What role does the crew play in a crewed yacht charter vacation?

After the yacht, the crew is the most important factor to make a yacht charter vacation the trip of a lifetime. In fact many groups will say that the crew was the most important aspect of their charter!

What qualities are you looking for in a crew? For your party it may be that the crew are proficient in hosting and preparing gourmet cuisine at a high level, or being enthusiastic, skilled sailors, or being energetic and great with kids, or being relatable and in your age group, or being relaxed and a lot of fun.

Most crews are professional crew hired by the yacht's owners to crew the yacht but some crews are owner-operators that both own and crew their yacht.

A crew’s role in your yacht charter starts in earnest a week or so before your charter begins when they will review your preference sheet and reach out to you to introduce themselves directly and arrange a time to talk further about meal and itinerary planning. This is a great time to ask last minute questions about the boat, packing and the meetup plan for the first day of your charter.

Prior to your arrival the crew will have the yacht cleaned, prepped and place provisioning orders with local food and beverage suppliers. On the evening before and the morning of your first charter day they will have the yacht fully stocked with fresh ingredients for all your meals, snacks, drinks, towels, linen and water toys - everything you’ll need for your Caribbean sailing adventure!

At the noon boarding time the crew will be have the yacht at the pre-designated marina and be on hand to help your party bring your luggage aboard and settle you in your cabins. After an informative safety briefing it will be time to slip the lines and head out to the turquoise Caribbean waters!

Each day the crew will help plan the itinerary with your group, refresh the cabins, provide all your meals, snacks, cocktails and drinks, help you deploy water toys, handle all aspects of the yacht and show you a great time - or, if you wish, allow you relax and unwind with a cocktail or good book in hand with the beautiful Caribbean as your backdrop.

They can help customize your experience, plan special celebration meals, take you to quiet, remote bays or the local nightlife.

The crew really brings your vacation together and provides you with everything you need in a floating resort, allowing you to simply focus on relaxing, having fun and exploring the Caribbean waters.

Some of our favorite crews that get rave reviews include:

Rich & Lisa

Rich & Lisa
aboard Luar
Graham & Kristiann

Graham & Kristiann
aboard Allende
Joseph & Britta Stiles

Joseph & Britta Stiles
aboard Grace
Ben & Rachel

Ben & Rachel
aboard Soterion

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