How does a crewed charter brokerage help you?

What to expect from a crewed charter brokerage

Yacht selection:

We use our first hand knowledge of the available boats, crew and the cruising areas to help you choose the best yacht to match your group size, budget and activity goals.

In most cases we provide our own photos, first-hand descriptions and details of the yachts. We also indicate which are the most popular yachts (with the heart icon) so you can more easily sort through the available choices.

We are an objective partner in your yacht selection process.

Reservation process:

Quality charter brokers manage your charter vacation from the start through to your return from charter. We set up the hold for your dates, provide the charter agreement, advise you of timing for deposits, send you the reservation confirmation and fully executed charter agreement, process payments, provide you with an 8-page preference sheet and connect you with your crew.

Account information:

We provide you with an account on where all of the information about your charter, payments, documents, customized preparation information and crew’s contact details are all in one place for you to review at any time.

Preparation information:

We provide travel information customised to your start and end location to help you get to and from the yacht and choose a hotel and ferry service if needed as well as general preparation information to help you pack and get ready for your tropical sailing vacation.

Point of contact:

At Sailing Directions your broker will remain your point of contact throughout so no information is lost in a hand off to customer service.


We are one of the top crewed charter brokerages for the Caribbean, have been in the business for over 10 years and receive great reviews from our customers.

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