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Catamaran Tiger Lily, 66ft based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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Cabins Length
3 66ft
Guest cabin configuration:
3 Double en-suite cabins with A/C
Designer Gunboat
Home port Nanny Cay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Scuba Rendezvous only
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Catamaran Tiger Lily Overview

Welcome aboard Tiger Lily (previously named Gazelle), an ultra-fast state of the art customized Gunboat catamaran that puts the thrill of sailing into luxurious yacht charter vacations. This is your chance to join the very few who have experienced the joy of sailing in a high tech super performance luxury cruising catamaran.

Capable of hitting speeds of over 30, built in 2009 and upgraded in 2012, Tiger Lily is a Gunboat 66 with every comfort and convenience possible to make your stay as relaxed or as exhilarating as you wish.

After her 2012 upgrade Tiger Lily is more beautiful than ever before and well equipped for luxury charter vacations in the Caribbean.

Ports and Available Cruising Areas

Home port: Nanny Cay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Tiger Lily Video

Green Initiative: Two water makers producing tripled filtered drinking water. Customized reusable Tiger Lily water bottles. Carbonating device for those who prefer sparkling water. 16 solar panels capturing solar energy for the yacht. This catamaran now has super energy efficient Lithium Ion batteries allowing yacht to run A/C without running the generator! Galley refrigerator powered using solar panels. Single drawer eco-friendly dishwasher uses only 2 gallons of water per load. Tiger Lily uses only biodegradable cleaning products when available. Chef uses organic and locally grown produce when available.

Reviews for Tiger Lily with Neil & Karen Rock:

It was as close to perfect as could be, and magical. Your help in securing the charter was essential.

It should come as no surprise that 6 weeks off the yacht, Mom and Dad are still talking about what a great charter we enjoyed as a family. Indeed for several days Gretchen would walk around saying she still felt like she was on deck. Last night at dinner, I compared our table to the size of the aft table, and was promptly asked by Alasdair, "How come you guys can't stop talking about Tiger Lily"? The answer is obvious.

Though many years removed from my previous Caribbean experiences aboard motor yachts, I certainly knew what to expect or not to expect. Grumpy crew and captain come to mind. Indeed, other than the design of a GUNBOAT, I had no idea how our journey would turn out. Gretchen was especially anxious. By the second day after her first passage, I think she realized how great the cruising/ sailing world can be when expertly guided and cared for. I gained 7 lbs on the trip despite being active! It is a testament to the delicious gourmet meals, my lack of restraint, and a constant source of quality beverages. Karen made miracles happen while catering to the fickle whims of the younger palates. Everyone seemed satiated and satisfied. Delicious even when your oven quits on you!

Given the variable we threw at you of an independent, enthusiastic, and scurrying 7 3/4 year old boy, you two responded above and beyond with patience and kindheartedness, making the week a true pleasure for all. I was always delighted to see Lachlan topside before i was out of my berth to my hot and perfect first cup of coffee. Whether it was his lessons in navigation from Neil, his daily chart plotting, or his multiple meals at odd times , you spoiled him. Your extra set of hands in safety and nurturing were noticed!

We also were delighted to see him at work, chamoising the windows and rails!

I was most excited in our sailing, even breaking a few minor things, and amazed at Neil's boat skills, ability as crack bowman, and deft and delicate handling. Karen of course makes an indispensable assistant in the raising of sails and during anchoring. It was my first time helming a catamaran of such size and power. The education regarding the sail trim and the explanation of angles along with the ability to participate is something I hope to build on. I cannot imagine a better sailing experience than GUNBOAT and Tiger Lily making 15 knots on a reefed main, well faster than the true wind.

As for the itinerary, again, there can be no captain who knows the BVI better than Neil. Someday the children will appreciate what it meant to be at the Baths so early in the morning. Gretchen was amazed at the seclusion of some harbors, even when mega yachts were so nearby. It was nice to meet up with friends for New Years Eve, but we really could have just stayed on board, alone in some special bay. The careful routing according to wind strength and seas made all comfortable. I will never forget being told I had a hull flying, briefly!

As a parent, it was special to spend so much time in the water with the kids, my makeshift airtank, one mask lost later and fins optional. The reefs and bays we stopped at were rewarding. When Arabel would free dive under the surface chasing a school of colorful angelfish with her goPro camera, I saw myself at that age, infatuated with the beauty of the kingdom below. Indeed her athleticism and grace rang true to my heart and reminded me of the hours I spent in such pursuits. Even the less than motivated Dair seemed to come alive by trips end. Joining me on twilight swims of significant distance and challenge. Tiger Lily provides the perfect platform of casual living and toys on hand to open up to the most beautiful waters we've experienced. Thanks for the attention to detail.

Perhaps someday again we'll find ourselves on Tiger Lily. If we do, we can only hope that Neil and Karen are still the hosts for an experience of a lifetime

Andrew M, aboard Catamaran Tiger Lily sailing the British Virgin Islands

Sorry, Tiger Lily is currently not available for charter. Please use the search form to find other available yachts or contact us
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