Catamaran Valentina

62ft · 6 guests · St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Valentina Crewed Catamaran Charter
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7-Night Rates

From $32,000 (2 passengers 7 nights)
To $34,000 (6 passengers 7 nights)*
*Price range is subject to change. Please Contact Us for pricing for various party sizes, number of nights and the premium weeks of Christmas & New Years. Best price guarantee: We endeavor to offer the lowest prices available and will always match lowest rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX, no fees. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX

Yacht Details

Guests Up to 6
Guest Cabins 2
Length 62ft
Guest Cabin Configuration 2 Queens & 1 bunk cabin en-suite
Designer Lagoon
Launched 2013 (Refit 2023)
Children Allowed Yes
Home Port Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Scuba Rendezvous only
Winter Cruising Area Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Summer Cruising Area Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)

Catamaran Valentina Overview

Valentina is a breathtaking 62' Lagoon Catamaran crafted in 2013. She showcases two luxurious queen cabins and a cozy bunk cabin accommodating six guests, each pampered with their own private ensuite baths, complete with modern amenities like electric toilets, vanities, and separate showers. Valentina presents a medley of luxurious spaces where one can recline, bask in the cooling trade winds, and enjoy a cocktail in the Caribbean's pristine cerulean waters. The salon, designed for comfort, can easily seat all guests, be it for leisurely lounging or indulging in delightful dining experiences. The exterior of Valentina invites guests to partake in alfresco dining, luxuriate in the seating area on the top deck, and unwind in the lounge adjacent to the helm. Additionally, a serene lower deck lounge area, nestled behind the trampolines, offers a peaceful sanctuary. With its abundant lounging spots, Valentina provides ample room for both group gatherings and secluded moments of relaxation, ensuring an idyllic escape for all.TOYS: 3 Stand Up Paddle Boards, Snorkeling Gear, Floating Mats, 2 1-Person Kayaks, 1 Inflatable Mat, 2 Inflatable Tubes, 2 Fishing Rods, & Onshore Games.

Valentina Layout

Green Initiative

Purified drinking water made on board.
Reusable water bottles available for use on board.

Meet the Crew

Crew photo
Joshua & Gustavo

Captain Joshua Ryan

Growing up as a 90's child in the vibrant California East Bay area and Sacramento Valley region, my childhood was filled with the thrill of competitive gymnastics. However, it was during the summertime, away from the gym, that my true passion for boating and water sports blossomed. Spending countless hours at the lake and wakeboarding with my family ignited a lifelong love affair with open waters.

While I may have caught the sailing bug a little later in life than some, it certainly hit me hard and fast. The enchantment of sailing captured my heart during a sailing excursion as part of a cruise in 2018. From that moment on, I sought out numerous sailing trips, including a transformative 7-day charter with Gustavo, my future husband, in the mesmerizing Angra dos Reis region of Brazil—an experience that forever holds a special place in my heart. On a bit of a whim, I visited the Fort Lauderdale boat show in October 2018, ultimately leading to the purchase of Valentina in Marina Del Ray, CA, just five months more

In pursuit of warmer waters and the allure of better and more affordable margaritas, Gustavo and I embarked on a remarkable journey down the Pacific Mexican coast, welcoming the addition of our fur baby, Linda, during our exploration of the Costa Rican volcanoes. Our adventurous spirit then propelled us to transit the Panama Canal and become captivated by the splendor of the San Blas Islands.

While we were basking in the beauty of the San Blas, the world was abruptly halted by the arrival of Covid-19. For four months, we found ourselves quarantined in the lush jungles of Puerto Lindo, Panama, tied to a mooring. With perseverance and a touch of good fortune, we obtained special clearance from the coast guard, enabling us to embark on a non-stop seven-day sail to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, a destination with fewer restrictions and better tacos.

As Covid-19 protocols began to ease, we resumed our journey, navigating through the waters of Florida, the Bahamas, and twice around the enchanting eastern Caribbean, including memorable stops in Los Roques, Venezuela, and the ABC Islands in 2022. Following our journey through The Thorny Path in early 2023, we decided to make the eastern Caribbean our home and share our passion for sailing by offering extraordinary charters throughout the Leeward and Windward Islands.

Come embark on an unforgettable adventure with us aboard Valentina, where we combine our love for sailing, expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, and commitment to creating exceptional experiences. Whether you seek relaxation, thrilling water sports, or immersive cultural encounters, our charters promise to exceed your expectations. Join us on Valentina and discover the true meaning of luxury, freedom, and the joy of sailing in paradise.

Gustavo Ryan

Originally hailing from an untouched farm town nestled in the picturesque state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, I spent my formative years surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests, freshwater rivers, waterfalls, and abundant greenery. Despite being far from the ocean, my vivid imagination transformed the vast blue sky into a boundless sea of wonder. Later, as a teenager, I embarked on a new chapter by relocating to Brasilia, the vibrant capital of Brazil, where I completed high school and entered the realms of customer service and government public welfare projects for three enriching years.

In 2008, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and established an IT support service catering to small businesses within my community. This endeavor not only empowered local entrepreneurs but also fostered a sense of collaboration and growth. Eventually, in 2013, with an unwavering thirst for fresh opportunities and thrilling escapades, I bid farewell to Brazil and set my sights on the United States.

Since my arrival in the USA, I have immersed myself in various domains, including the restaurant industry, hospitality, and customer service. Rooted in my unwavering passion for service, I take pride in my keen attention to detail, sincerity, and the Brazilian concept of 'aconchego'—a warm and cozy atmosphere.

My life took an extraordinary turn when destiny brought Josh and me together and we embarked on an amazing sailing journey. One day we simply left the ordinary life to sail the world and experience the joy of discovering the unknown, with the faith and courage to learn something new every day. Onboard Valentina we had found our new home, but it wasn’t a place, it was a marvelous ongoing adventure.

As a Brazilian, I naturally possess the gift of gab and relish in the opportunity to connect with our guests, understand their preferences, and unveil the wonders of the Caribbean Islands that have captivated our hearts. I am also delighted to share glimpses of my culture, starting with brewing traditional Cafézinho (classic Brazilian coffee) and baking homemade Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) using cherished recipes passed down from my vovó (grandmother). For sundowners, we serve delectable Caipirinhas in an array of delightful tropical flavors. If you're open to learning, you might even leave with the ability to impress your friends by speaking some Portuguese or mastering a few Samba dance moves.

Join us on this remarkable experience as we embrace the essence of hospitality, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of lifelong memories aboard Valentina. Together, let's sail towards extraordinary horizons.

Linda "Special Pawjects Officer" (onboard dog)

Within one glorious and lucky day my life changed from being an orphan amongst the mountains and coffee plantations of Atenas, Costa Rica to being the most important member of my new family and sailing the world aboard Valentina. I was living in a shelter that a kind woman was running from her small home. There were 16 of us dogs, and 25 cats, which made for a very full house and never enough food! On the day I was adopted I didn’t even have a proper name yet, but my Papai (daddy) kept calling me Que Linda, Que Linda”, which I guess means something in Portuguese or Spanish or something… so I shortened it to Linda and now that’s my name. People often ask what kind of dog I am, and to be honest I don’t really know. I suppose I’m the spoiled kind.

I hadn’t yet seen the ocean when my dads brought me home to Valentina. The dark smooth reflective flooring off the back of sugar steps looked interesting and I saw another dog there, so I went to investigate. Just as I was reaching my paw down to meet this other pup, I fell through the floor! After my dads fished me out, they explained how water works. Well, now I know better, and now I am a water aficionado. I have honed my swimming skills and beach detective prowess. I am happy to help you chase off those pesky lizards, and I always captivate onlookers with my impressive fishing talents. I have even caught a few. I love treats, nice people, kids of all ages, and all other dogs- big and small. I try to make friends with cats too, but they are a little mean and kind of scare me sometimes.

I am privileged to have collected more passport stamps in my four short years on this earth than most humans do in an entire lifetime. Since leaving Costa Rica I have been everywhere with my dads on Valentina. My dads say that I was originally supposed to help with security onboard, but I just want to play and be everyone’s friend, or just take a nap. That doesn’t stop me from being effective, however. Upon seeing me onboard most local islanders think twice before approaching our floating sanctuary. This helps discourage those with less than pure intentions, and I am an excellent judge of character. I can smell intent from a mile away and I am not shy about telling my dads when something smells fishy.

As we set sail to explore picturesque beaches and vibrant snorkeling spots, I am eager to share my zest for life and playful spirit with you. Join me aboard Valentina, where the allure of the sea merges with the joy of discovering hidden treasures. Let us embark on a voyage together, where the splendor of the ocean meets the warmth of companionship. Welcome aboard!

Availability for Valentina:

Listed below are any confirmed reservations or unavailability, as well as current holds / options. Note: this calendar is not always 100% current. Please contact us for more information about available dates aboard this yacht.

Hours required between charters: 48 hrs preferred, Inquire for

Upcoming 12 Months Reservation Calendar:
Available weekend day:
Caribbean off season:
Apr 2024123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 
May 202412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Jun 2024123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 
Jul 202412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Aug 202412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Sep 2024123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 
Oct 202412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Nov 2024123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 
Dec 202412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Jan 202512345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Feb 202512345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728   
Mar 202512345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Reservation Calendar with Port Locations:
Booked: Monday, 3 June 2024 to Thursday, 6 June 2024: Booked: Saint Marten, West Indies to Saint Marten, West Indies
Transit: Friday, 7 June 2024 to Wednesday, 12 June 2024: Transit: Saint Marten, West Indies to Grenadines, West Indies*
Booked: Saturday, 24 August 2024 to Saturday, 31 August 2024: Booked: Saint Vincent to Saint Vincent
Unavailable: Monday, 2 September 2024 to Tuesday, 1 October 2024: Unavailable: Unavailable to Unavailable
Transit: Sunday, 3 November 2024 to Sunday, 10 November 2024: Transit: Grenadines, West Indies* to British Virgin Islands*
Boat Show: Monday, 11 November 2024 to Saturday, 16 November 2024: Boat Show: British Virgin Islands* to British Virgin Islands*
Booked: Saturday, 30 November 2024 to Saturday, 7 December 2024: Booked: Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI* to Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI*
Booked: Friday, 4 April 2025 to Saturday, 12 April 2025: Booked: Saint Marten, West Indies to Saint Marten, West Indies

7-night Charter Rates by Group Size

Guests: 2 guests 3 guests 4 guests 5 guests 6 guests
Winter 2023 to 2024 $32,000 $32,500 $33,000 $33,500 $34,000
Summer 2024 $32,000 $32,500 $33,000 $33,500 $34,000
Winter 2024 to 2025 $32,000 $32,500 $33,000 $33,500 $34,000
Summer 2025 $32,000 $32,500 $33,000 $33,500 $34,000
*Price range is subject to change. Please Contact Us for pricing for various party sizes, number of nights and the premium weeks of Christmas & New Years. Best price guarantee: We endeavor to offer the lowest prices available and will always match lowest rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX, no fees. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX

Contact us for rates and current availability or to book a charter aboard Valentina!

Full Specifications for Valentina

Valentina Layout
Length 62ft
Beam 32
Draft 5
Designer Lagoon
Launched 2013 (Refit 2023)
Guests Up to 6
Children Allowed Yes
Air Conditioning Full
Flag US
Max. Speed 12 knots
Dinghy/Tender 2021 Gala V360HW, 11FT 10IN Aluminum Bottom Inflatable (40HP)
Dingy Max. Passengers 8
Guest Cabins 2
Guest Cabin Configuration 2 Queens & 1 bunk cabin en-suite
Guest Electric Heads 3
Accommodation Description:

Starboard Aft owners cabin is crew quarters. There are 2 queen forward staterooms and one midship cabin with 2 single bunk beds for guests usage.

Home Port Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Winter Cruising Area Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Summer Cruising Area Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Preferred Port Marigot
Other Port Philipsburg
Hours Between Charters 48 hrs preferred, Inquire for
WiFi Internet Onboard WIFI
Hammock Yes
Deck Shower Yes
Hair Dryer Yes
Water Maker Yes
Ice Maker Yes
Voltage 220/120v
Other Eisneglass Weather Protection

June/July 2023:

New galley refrigerator, Samsung- full sized residential refrigerator with water and ice dispenser
New Philips super automatic espresso maker in galley
New 43’’ Samsung Smart TV in salon
New Bouch dishwasher in galley
New larger cooktop in galley
All new high-quality crystal drinking glasses and stem ware
All new high-quality plates, bowls, and serving dishes
All new high-quality knifes (our silverware is already very good so no need to replace that)
All new high-quality pots and pans
New high-quality cloth napkins, place settings, tea lights, electric candles, etc..
New quilts, pillows, linens, towels for all cabins
New high output 220V hair dryers in each cabin
New high-quality custom 8’’ memory foam mattresses in all cabins
New decor for all cabins
New rugs for salon, all cabins, and welcome mat
New sink fixtures for all cabins
New LED accent lights in salon and cabins
New high powered 24V quiet fans in all cabins
New reading lamp shades in all cabins
New 1600AMP hour lithium battery bank
New Victron battery monitor and display screen
New Scheiber light switching system and display screen
Solar upgraded again (now at 2.4Kw)
New high end Fusion sound system with speakers an individual zone player in each cabin. Surround sound in salon, cockpit and on flybridge. 12 customizable sound zones. RGB light speakers for all exterior speakers. 2 Series 3i 8.8’’ Marine Wake Tower Speakers point to forward deck and trampolines. Two 2000W 8 channel amps supply max sound power. Controlled by two Apollo™ MS-RA770 Marine Stereos with Built-in Wi-Fi
New Schenker Watermaker ZEN 100L/H 24V Touch Panel, 27gal/H
Teak replacement on sugar steps
New solar tented haul windows for galley and all cabins (this was a huge investment and makes the boat look really nice)
New solar tent for all salon windows
Extensive cosmetic gel coat and fiberglass work completed
New security camera in cockpit
All new water toys, inflatables, beach day equipment and toys, deck loungers, hammocks, ect.
New triangle sail style sun shades for flybridge lounge and forward/trampoline deck
Replaced 23 bronze through-hauls
Fixed port shafts
Replaced the shaft seal
Retooled our tender lift

Recent past upgrades:

2021 GALA V360HL Tender w/ 2021 Yamaha 40HP, New tender and tender lift chocks (Aug 2021)
New galley sink fixtures (July 2022)
Both battery chargers have been replaced (Apr 2019, Mar 2020, Sep 2021) and we have a brand-new spare on board
New watermaker membranes (Oct 2022)
New solar (Sept 2022)
New starboard high output alternator (Sept 2022)
New matching sail covers for all three sails (Sept 2022)
Sails restitched (Sept 2022)
Main lateral shrouds replaced with Navtec Kevlar (Aug 2022)
New flybridge enclosure (Aug 2022)
New Alkin Scuba compressor w/ 2 tanks (Dec 2021)
4 Multicolor Seablaze underwater lights (Dec 2021)
***Refit all electronics. Removed E-Plex. Replaced old Ray marine equipment with all new Garmin products (new radios, antenes, and pepwave included) and Simrad autopilot. New nav and helm station dashboards (3 total) (Nov 2021)***
New bridle lines (Nov 2021)
New water pump towers (Oct 2021)
New Mastervolt inverter (Sep 2021)
New 80Kg Ultra Marine Anchor (Aug 2021)
New blue cockpit lights (Aug 2021)
Both Balmar furler systems rebuilt (Apr 2021)
New trampolines (Mar 2021)
New softgoods (inside and out) (Dec 2020)
New Raritan Ice Maker (Dec 2020)
Cotek SP2000-224 Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Sep 2020)
Adult Waterskis No
Kids Waterskis No
Stand Up Paddle Board 3
Snorkeling Gear Yes
Tow Tube 2
Wake Board No
Knee Board No
1-Person Kayak 2
2-Person Kayak No
Float Mats 1
Beach Games Yes
Fishing Gear Yes
Fishing Gear Type Trolling and Casting
Number of Rods 2
Deep Sea Yes
Other Water Toys 3 Stand Up Paddle Boards
3 Sea Scooters
1 Bote Inflatable Dock Hangout Quad Rectangle
Snorkeling Gear
Floating Mats
2 1-Person Kayaks
1 Inflatable Mat
2 Inflatable Tubes
2 Fishing Rods
and lots of noodles and floating swim boards.
Onshore games include a volleyball net and kids toys.
Stereo System Yes
iPod Hookup Yes
Satellite TV No
DVD Player Yes
Board Games Yes
Books Yes
Captain Nationality USA
Captain License 100T MASTER
Crew Smokes No
Crew Pets Yes
Caters to Special Diets Inq
Kosher Available Inq
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